June 28, 2023
June 28, 2023 admin

There are countless material options to use for your commercial construction project. But depending on the project, client, and environment, you may encounter a challenge to find the right materials. 

Metal panels are great options for both elevating the design and strengthening the build. But even then, the variety of metal panel finishes can be overwhelming, to say the least. 

As an architect, project manager, or construction lead, you must identify your building’s needs first to determine the right finish. 

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The Right Finish For Your Metal Panels Matters

When evaluating metal panels for your commercial construction project, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider. From color, textures, and patterns to what protective coating it needs for its environment, you have a lot on your plate. That’s why it’s key to prioritize what’s most important to your client and build before you decide on the metal panel finishes you select.

1. Colors, Textures, & Patterns Can Uplevel Your Design 

Starting with the most visual aspect, metal panels do not simply have to remain that silver, gunmetal gray color you may associate with the material. Nowadays, you can customize your panels for just about any color, texture, or pattern you could imagine. 

As we’re working with clients, we’re seeing a few trends that you may want to consider in your upcoming project. That includes the use of brighter colors – even colors that are outside the norm of what you would typically consider. Blues, greens, oranges, and multi-colors…Add some vibrancy to your project. 

You might even consider a wood finish for your metal panels. Yes, it’s possible to have metal paneling construction that appears as though it has a smooth sanded finish. This is perfect if you envision a space that has the same cost-saving benefits of metal paneling with more of a farmhouse look and feel.

If your design doesn’t call for vibrant colors, try using different textures or even natural metals. Laser cut metals are a great way to keep the design earthy without losing any of the creativity. 

Explore our wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns to uplevel your design.

2. Protective Coating Extends The Life Of Your Commercial Metal Panels

The other thing to consider when evaluating the right finish for your metal panels is the environment. Especially when there is water nearby (whether it be the seaside, lake, pool, or fountain), consider adding a protective coating to extend its life. 

When you have protective coatings to support the life expectancy of your metal panels, you can:

  • Prevent corrosion
  • Protect against heat 
  • Diminish chemical damage

When choosing paint finishes, consider the ones that offer the right Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) value to give your roof adequate UV protection. A finish’s SRI value measures the ability to reject solar heat, which is crucial when thinking about energy and cost-efficient cooling systems. This is why many commercial construction roofs choose lighter colors as they reflect heat better than darker shades. However, creative finishes are also an option. 

Work with one of our team members to help you shop popular metal finishes from Centria for proper UV protection – and don’t forget to ask about a finish’s SRI value.

3. Different Environments Call For Heightened Protection Of Your Metal Panels

Similarly to the above point, your environment may call for additional protection against the degradation of materials. The main thing to concern yourself with is the introduction of water or salt. 

If your build is located in a high humidity or high rainfall environment, you may require extra protection for your building materials. That also may include being cautious during the installation to ensure that there is no opportunity for rust to build up on your metal panels

Likewise, coastal communities combine two of the most harmful components of metal – water and salt. You may also concern yourself with the wind factors. 

Don’t forget that the long-term durability of metal paneling relies heavily on its level of quality. Partnering with an experienced professional (like us) is important. Not only can an industry professional offer reliable manufacturer recommendations, but they can also assist in pinpointing which materials will fit the needs of your build.   

While every situation is different, send us any questions so that we can help you successfully find and protect the right materials for your project. 

4. The Right Finish Reduces Maintenance Requirements & Needs for Commercial Construction 

The other thing to consider as you’re selecting metal panel finishes is to evaluate their maintenance requirements and needs. Ideally, you want to select the easiest cleaning schedule. But that also depends on your environment and other factors listed above. Generally, your metal panels will require the following maintenance:

  • Routine inspections to evaluate points of weakness like rust, damage, weak fasteners, etc. 
  • Debris clearing of things like water, leaves, branches, etc.

For example, you see coastal buildings opt for lighter colors versus darker ones. This is usually intentional as the sea salt leaves a white residue. To hide that film, builders avoid using darker colors as that requires more frequent washing.  

Additionally, consider the immediate surroundings. If there are lots of trees around, you can expect more debris to impact the panels. A protective coating can defend the panels against scratches or other potential damage. But the building owners or tenants also need to keep a regular cleaning schedule to remove debris. 

And finally, you may consider different metals. Zinc, for example, has self-healing properties that make it effectively scratch resistant. 

5. Custom Options Allow You To Take Your Design In Any Direction

You are only limited by your imagination. The great thing about working with a distributor that has access to a wide variety of suppliers and products is that you’re able to find an option that fulfills your design vision – whatever that may be. That means customization of color, shape, and material. When your project demands something unique, Wade Architectural Systems is there to meet your needs. 

Strengthen Your Commercial Construction Projects With The Right Metal Panel Finishes

As a builder, architect, or building owner, you have a big vision that you’re trying to meet. And it’s frustrating when you’re limited by what’s available. That’s why we’ve built a portfolio of brands, products, and options to make sure that your options are the last concern in your build. In fact, selecting your metal panel finishes may even be one of the more enjoyable tasks. 

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