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How To Use Laser Cut Panels In Your Commercial Landscaping

Could you be underthinking your commercial landscape’s potential?

While there are various ways to go about landscaping, you may be surprised to learn how laser-cut panels can elevate your commercial landscaping. These beautiful, decorative panels complement design with serious functionality.

Aside from creating a visually spectacular landscape, you can also make use of your outdoor space. From eating and meeting spaces to covered parking areas, help your tenants and visitors enjoy the outdoors from more than a window. And that solution may be laser cut panels!

5 Ways To Use Parasoleil’s Laser Cut Panels

Attract visitors to your next project location with the beautiful element of laser cut metal panels with pattern infills. Whether you choose a standard pattern or go completely custom, you can rely on the unique aesthetic’s durability and long-lasting finishes to adorn your property far into the future.

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1. Create A Visually Stunning Entrance To Your Commercial Space

Welcome visitors to your location with an impressive entrance that will set the tone before they even walk through your doors. Landscapes can take on many aesthetics with design, plants, and, of course, structures.

A well-thought-out design, however, is the key to giving the best first impression possible. This is why your design should implement beautiful outdoor landscaping complete with visually appealing structures to welcome people into your space.

Parasoleil’s railings with patterned infills are the perfect solution to define your outdoor area. The standard rail system has several pattern and finish options and is designed for interiors and exteriors – meaning, you can continue the design flow from a visitor’s first glimpse of the exterior throughout the interior. This code-compliant system comes with everything necessary for easy installation, including:

  • Posts
  • Connections
  • Brackets
  • Baseplates
  • Top rails

Moreover, you can also choose a full customization for your railing system. This option allows you to order railings with your custom pattern in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Adding to the functionality of your stunning entrance, you can also include Parasoleil’s Paraclad substructure system and decorative aluminum panels. This addition to your facade will add a beautiful element while providing privacy to ground-level interior spaces. Because of the laser-cut designs, the facade will not omit natural light from reaching the interior.

2. Provide Functional Outdoor Meeting Areas

Sometimes a breath of fresh air can bolster collaboration and productivity. Many businesses are leaning toward officing in buildings with amenities that address the tenant’s well-being.

This can include gyms to exercise, healthy food options, natural light, and, of course, outdoor spaces. But to utilize outdoor spaces most efficiently, you need the right structures in place.

First, define the space and direct the flow of traffic with Parasoleil’s privacy screens. This beautiful, laser cut metal screen system complements landscape and building designs. Plus, they add the functionality of separating an area for privacy and safety.

Additionally, Parasoleil’s Eclipse shade system provides protection from the sun while still allowing filtered sunlight to illuminate the space. It further defines the space set aside for outdoor meeting and eating areas.

With natural, filtered light and unrestricted airflow, your outdoor space can be a comfortable, functional space where tenants and visitors enjoy the fresh air.

3. Versatile & Breezy Areas To Enjoy Outdoor Spaces

Not every outdoor space needs a designation as a meeting or eating area. Many progressive building owners are including zen spaces where employees and visitors can spend time outside for wellness and relaxation.

Whether you want to increase shade over benches, tables, parking structures, or anything else – your options are truly endless. This is why architects enjoy using Parasoleil products in their designs for all types of commercial construction projects.

Parasoleil’s many laser-cut products are versatile in their designs and functions. For instance, in addition to the standard patterns, you can also fully customize your panels with the design of your choice.

This allows for a single design to flow throughout the entire interior and exterior of any building or structure. From sporting complexes and parking structures to city parks and building facades, elevate the design of any construction project with decorative laser cut panels.

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4. Complement Your Design With Unlimited Finish Options

To create a beautiful and unique aesthetic, your laser-cut, patterned metal panels can take on any color or texture.

With Parasoleil, confidently customize your project with their highly durable finishes. In fact, Parasoleil uses a proprietary, award-winning powdercoat finish specifically created with versatility, durability, and beauty in mind. This allows for your architectural metal panels to carry their timeless aesthetic into the future for years to come.

Furthermore, Parasoleil’s proprietary powders have been tested against UV exposure and sea salt spray. In any environment, these artisanal metal panels carry a 10-year finish warranty. Feel good about your design now and far into the future.

5. Get Creative With Parasoleil’s Unrivaled Pattern Lab

Parasoleil doesn’t just offer customization for its many products. The company also makes it easy for anyone to extensively explore standard and custom options.

With the Parasoleil pattern lab, you can play with dozens of standard pattern options. Plus, you can even customize the size of the patterns to accommodate your unique needs.

This interactive pattern library is easy enough for even amateurs to view the wide variety of options. Meaning, your clients can explore the many variations in which their staple design can take shape. This includes a design that complements their unique branding.

The AI program is extremely helpful in defining a space’s design. Once complete, you can simply download the specifications. Then, Wade can double-check your plans to ensure feasibility. Parasoleil truly does provide unrivaled pattern expertise.

Need help navigating the pattern lab? Or simply don’t want to take that approach? The experts at Wade Architectural Systems have extensive product knowledge of all the manufacturers we partner with. We are happy to work with you to identify your ideal design and other factors to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Implement Functional Patterns Into Your Design With Wade Architectural Systems

With decades of experience in architectural-grade products and extensive product knowledge, it’s no wonder why architects choose Wade.

We provide highly versatile and durable product solutions to complement your commercial construction designs. But we do much more than solely provide the options. In fact, our experts will work with you to choose the best product for your design, functionality needs, and budget. Plus, we also include installation drawings for each product ordered from Wade. This helps for easy installation that minimizes error to ensure user satisfaction through all of the long-lasting benefits.

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