April 30, 2023
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Zinc Metal Panels and Their Ageless Beauty

Looking for an innovative, head turning, and beautiful building material for your commercial construction project?

Natural metals are long-time favorites of designers and architects for their aesthetic, durability, and sustainability factors. Used throughout Europe for centuries, zinc metal panels, in particular, have truly lasted through the test of time. After installation, the natural oxidation process creates a beautiful patina to add character that increases the attractiveness of zinc applications for custom exteriors.

In recent years, zinc has risen through the ranks of natural metals in the U.S. as one of the most popular building materials for anyone looking for the wow factor.

Zinc Metal Panels Perform In Commercial Construction

As the leading Dutch manufacturer of zinc, NedZink has been producing the highest-quality zinc products for over 125 years. To say their materials last a lifetime is an understatement. Wade Architectural Systems offers a variety of NedZink products in several different finish options.

From cladding systems and more, zinc offers a unique aesthetic. According to NedZink, “Titanium zinc is the most durable construction metal.” The functionality of zinc in construction allows for facades, roofing, gutters, and rainwater drainage systems.

Whether you are looking for a corrugated or smooth facade, NedZink has the solutions. From the corrugated panels to the smooth modular zinc metal panels, you can create an awe-inspiring building or structure. Moreover, you can choose to customize the modular metal panel with a vertical or horizontal application.

Architects can also opt for the Interlocking panel system that creates a seamless look through the appearance of recessed joints. Or you can create a larger exchange of lights and shadows through the corrugated box style of the Umbra panel system. Plus, you can extend the aesthetically pleasing look of zinc metal panels through the roof and gutter systems.

All of these applications with the patina aesthetic of zinc create beautiful spaces that will have onlookers wondering, “What material is that building made of?”

Ready to learn how zinc can transform and elevate your design? Contact Wade to get started.

Finish Options That Complement The Natural Zinc Aging Process

Similar to copper, zinc forms a beautiful patina through the oxidation process. This means that over time, your zinc metal panels will become increasingly beautiful. Wade offers the four NedZink finishes below to complement architects’ designs with zinc materials.

NedZink Naturel

When you want an eye-catching finish for a long service life, the Naturel finish is a great option. The raw titanium zinc has a smooth, rolled surface that invites the natural patina to form through weather conditions over time.

NedZink Neo

Typically used for roofing and facade systems, the Neo has a mineral gray, matte finish subtly brushed over the surface. After which, a chemical surface treatment is applied. This helps to stimulate the patina layer over a uniform gray surface rather than waiting for the weather to oxidize the aesthetic for a quicker path to the final look.

NedZink Noir

For a dark aesthetic that will last, architects lean towards the anthracite black color of the NedZink Noir. Through a rigorous production process, NedZink is able to retain a consistent color in what would otherwise result in shade variations. This is due to a chemical surface treatment that occurs after the milling process.

NedZink Nuance

Found in various interior applications as well as roofs and facades, the NedZink Nuance finish offers pigment options to help customize your design. Architects can choose to add blue, brown, green, or red pigments to this finish to add variation to the natural patina that will form over time. Plus, this pigment addition provides an extra layer of protection for your zinc metal panels.

Need help choosing the right zinc metal panel finish for your design? Contact the specialists at Wade Architectural Systems.

Have Peace Of Mind With The Durability Of Zinc Metal Panels

Have you ever buffed out a scratch on a metal surface? Bid adieu to those maintenance tasks with the power of zinc.

Unlike other metals, zinc has self-healing properties. This means that over time, damage from weather, debris, and other sources will no longer be visible.

However, the benefits of the self-healing metal go much further than minimizing maintenance requirements. The lack of cleaning agents, buffing, and other cleaning decreases wear and tear. So not only is zinc durable and low-maintenance, but the natural metal also has a service life of 75 to 100 years!

As the longest lasting metal on the market in commercial construction, you can count on your design being enjoyed for generations.

Feel Good About Your Carbon Footprint With Zinc’s High Sustainability

Like most metal panels used in commercial construction, zinc panels are recyclable. Meaning, after their service life is complete, they never have to end up in a landfill. Instead, zinc is unique in that it can be repurposed for other uses again and again, infinitely, without a decrease in quality. According to the American Galvanizers Association, “The reclamation rate for zinc is more than 80%.”

However, zinc has further sustainable properties because less energy is required to produce zinc metal panels in comparison to other metals. This alone cuts down on the carbon footprint surrounding commercial construction projects. Plus, by choosing zinc metal panels, users are opting to not use metals with scarce resources.

What To Know About Protecting Your Zinc Metal Panels

As you dive into the fascinating world of zinc metal panels and the beautiful patinas, there are a few things you should know.

First of all, zinc metal panels are virtually maintenance free. Along with their self-healing properties, zinc metal panels become increasingly beautiful over the years. With each weather condition that comes your way, you can look forward to a step forward in the naturally occurring patina process.

Also important to realize is that without the proper treatments and installation, zinc may be prone to premature corrosion. This would be due to constant or repeated contact with water without airflow. However, with Wade’s installation drawings, you can be confident that your zinc metal panels will be installed correctly the first time. This saves you time and money.

After centuries of use throughout Europe, the nuances of zinc are thoroughly documented. For instance, your zinc metal panels should have no contact with copper. This is because copper and zinc together accelerate corrosion. Because of this, you need a trusted distributor like Wade to ensure you choose all the proper elements for your zinc metal panel installation.

Complement Your Design With Natural Metals That Will Only Grow More Beautiful With Time

If the exquisite look of patinated roofs and facades has caught your eye, then look no further than Wade Architectural Systems.

Wade is your one-stop solution for metal panels in your commercial construction project. Our specialists have years of expertise to guide you through the material selection process.

Depending on your design and goals, short and long-term, Wade’s experts can help you make the right choice. From the best materials to complement your design to the finish options to take your design to another level, Wade has everything you need to know.

Ready to explore the power of zinc metal panels in commercial construction? Contact Wade today!