February 13, 2023
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Using Longboard for Commercial Architectural

As you design your next project for the commercial architecture industry, are you thinking of ways to elevate the design with architectural metal panels?

While metal panels may sound boring, they can take your project to new heights with their versatility and beautiful designs for facade and ceiling applications.

In fact, Longboard Architectural Products offers a wide variety of metal panels that you can use to customize your next commercial project. And the best part is that with Wade Architectural Systems, you can take advantage of Longboard’s products for high design with shorter lead times.

5 Ways Longboard Metal Panels Can Elevate Your Design

From exterior facades, soffits, lighting, sound, functionality, and more – Longboard architectural metal panels can take your project to the next level.

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1. Exterior Facades For Any Aesthetic

Whether you’re looking for wood-look, solid color, or simulations of natural metals like weathering steel or copper penny, Longboard has a sustainable option for you to choose from.

Longboard’s high-grade aluminum panels take on various finishes to give architects, builders, and building owners durable options to meet any design aesthetic.

The products’ durability stems from the 6063-T5 extruded aluminum with a high-quality powder-coated finish. This, in turn, favors the budget by lowering subsequent costs that would otherwise be needed with other types of materials.

While the panels can give the feel of traditional materials like wood and natural metals, they are much easier to maintain. In fact, you won’t need to worry about reapplying caulk or adhesives as those materials are not needed with Longboard systems. Instead, dirt and debris can simply be rinsed off. Depending on the frequency of cleanings, a mild detergent may be used to remove any build-up.

2. Multifunctional Spaces That Match Your Commercial Interiors

Creating functional and versatile interior spaces isn’t a one-size-fits-all system. That’s why many businesses choose Longboard’s Privacy Beams or Link & Lock baffles to create visually stunning spaces with a product that also serves a practical purpose.

Because the privacy beams can be installed vertically or horizontally, the structure provides a continuous aesthetic from other walls within the space.

Utilizing Longboard battens for interior applications can result in a well-designed interior pace that achieves a variety of functions, including a well thought out beam, fin, or louvre design.

3. Metal Panels in Commercial Architecture are Sure to Complement any Architect’s Designs

When you have a design in mind for a future build, you may be nervous about whether the right materials will match your ideal aesthetic.

However, at Wade Architectural Systems, we work with architects to choose the best materials for the design and budget. This includes readily available products that you can use to customize interior and exterior building designs with great off-the-shelf solutions to complete a unique and sophisticated design opportunity.

For instance, Ceilings Plus manufactures an extensive variety of custom and off-the-shelf ceiling options to complement your unique commercial architecture designs. For high-design projects that require shorter material lead times, the Design Solutions (pre-engineered quick ship models) are available. Many Design Solutions products include linear baffles, modular panels, and PET felt panels. With these options, you can create open, textured ceilings with baffles, a uniformed concealed ceiling system, and various acoustical treatments.

No matter which product you choose, you will have a beautifully unique aesthetic sure to catch the eyes of visitors and inspire creativity and productivity among those who work in the space.

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4. Acoustic Treatments Keep Functional Spaces

Metal panels can do more than provide walls and ceilings. In addition to creating beautiful aesthetics, Link & Lock battens use of acoustic batts provide an improved sound performance.

Longboard’s perforated aluminum extrusions with factory-applied acoustic fabric backing will help to minimize noise level and distractions in occupied spaces for a more acoustically friendly environment.

Choosing Longboard panels, in commercial architecture, with acoustical properties helps to eliminate noise levels. Metal panels, without perforations and acoustical material can reflect noise across a space – which can cause distractions, irritate those with sensitive ears, and lead to an overall lower satisfaction rate.

Make your interior space an optimal space for your visitors with Longboard architectural panels’ acoustical solutions.

5. Healthy Spaces For Healthy Living & Working Environments

The repercussions of older building materials have become apparent in society, especially in medicine. Materials like asbestos and lead paint were used for many years before the health ramifications became evident. These days, we’re not just avoiding toxic materials. Instead, we’re choosing building materials that promote a healthier world for the people who live, work, and play within these buildings.

Starting with fire safety, Longboard products are specifically manufactured from non-combustible materials to lessen the effects should a fire occur.

Moreover, Longboard refrains from using VOC or any materials within the Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List. The LBC list expands beyond asbestos and lead. In fact, it includes a number of materials that could have a negative effect on human health. These materials include:

  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • Formaldehyde
  • Chlorinated polyethylene
  • Chlorosulfonated polyethylene
  • CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons)
  • Chloroprene (neoprene)
  • Halogenated flame retardants
  • HCFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons)
  • Creosote, arsenic or pentachlorophenol in wood treatments
  • Petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Phthalates
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

By refraining from using the materials listed above, Longboard has prioritized the health of builders and the end users of these commercial architectural spaces. This effectively promotes a healthier working environment and healthier life for those working or living around Longboard materials.

Furthermore, many of the finishes you can choose from Longboard products have light reflectance values (LRV). This allows for quality lighting that directly affects end users’ comfort, productivity, and overall well-being.

Improve Productivity & Well-Being With Wade Architectural Systems

The design and workflow of your commercial architecture directly affect the productivity and well-being of those working there. Talk to a Wade specialist to learn how we can help you make the best material choices for your next commercial construction project.

By distributing products like Longboard, we offer shorter lead times on materials that will complement architects’ designs. The variety of unique aesthetics available makes it possible to get the look you want.

We work closely with our manufacturers to bring you the best possible service, warranties, and installation drawings on all purchased materials. Wade is your partner in high design, whether you want highly customized pieces or off-the-shelf products with high design quality.

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