Who We Are

Unique, Innovative, and Modern Products and Solutions for Exterior and Interior Applications

Who We Are

Wade Architectural Systems has decades of expertise dealing with architectural-grade products, extensive product knowledge, and the most detailed installation drawings in the industry.

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The Seamless Design Experience

Wade Architectural Systems provides the commercial architectural and construction industry with unique, innovative, and creative building solutions for exterior and interior applications along with a full-service project management process.

Our primary focus is METAL! With extensive experience in the metal architectural market, superior quality manufacturers, and vast knowledge of field installation requirements, we are a leader in this market. Our product offering is on track with the latest metal architectural trends. However, recently we have expanded our portfolio to include some additional highly sought-after architectural products.

Our name “Wade” (wād) means “movement, to move onward.” Like our name, we will continue to advance with the newest and most reliable project-specific solutions that create exceptional buildings that last.

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Your Vision Built to Endure

The main reason people buy from our company — the Wade Architectural Experience! We are easy and comfortable to work with, knowledgeable, and experienced. In addition, we promise to deliver products that assist architects and building owners achieve unique and distinctive aesthetics that other products can’t.

Our integrated design, architecture, and engineering services can significantly improve your project from end to end. We aim to reduce delays and construction, installation, and operational costs while meeting challenging aesthetic requirements.

We are dedicated to your success. Our experts work with you from the first meeting to the final warranty closeouts to ensure your vision is achieved.

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Curated to provide both beauty and longevity.

We represent CENTRIA, NedZink, Longboard, Ceilings Plus, and various other industry-leading brands.

At Wade Architectural Systems we provide the highest quality products from manufacturers that stand behind their products. Your projects are sure to stand out with our wide range of cutting-edge products.

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Partner Brands

We collaborate with brands that stand behind their products throughout the design and installation process, resulting in beautiful structures that last.

The Value

Our Responsibility

High-quality products that achieve your design aesthetic
Custom-made panels that save money and reduce errors
Detailed installation drawings
Expertise in troubleshooting issues

The Full Package

Our Approach

Delivering a wide range of excellent products
Deep technical expertise
Fanatical service from inspiration to completion

The Team at Wade.

We have created an awesome team that will help designers, architects, general contractors,
and installers create and manage projects with ease.

Bill Wade


Peter Parnham

VP Sales & Marketing

Amy Schultz



Marco Flores

Director of Engineering

Christy Serafini

Director of Operations


Shelley Steward

Marketing Director

Kolt Franze

Project Manager

Brian Selig

Project Manager


Aly Jones

Project Manager

Cynthia Ortiz

Product Specialist

Calah Cutrer

Product Specialist


Clay Shambley

VP SE Region


David Shambley

General Manager


Mike Lawes

MD Project Manager


Tim Beck

MD Project Manager


Paul Davis

CO Project Manager

Lauren Serafini

Office Administrator

Lisle Wade


In Loving Memory

In loving memory of Lisle Wade, we fondly remember a remarkable soul whose presence brightened the lives of everyone fortunate to have known him. Lisle’s genuine warmth, kindness, and infectious laughter left an indelible mark on our hearts. His unwavering support and encouragement inspired us to reach for our dreams and believe in ourselves. We celebrate the legacy he leaves behind – one of love, friendship, and unwavering positivity. Lisle will forever remain in our hearts, a guiding light and a source of inspiration in our lives.

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