June 12, 2023
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The Affects Of Metal Panel Finishes On Aesthetics & Performance For Commercial Construction Projects

There are many moving parts in commercial construction projects. From location scouting to designing and procuring to construction, all parties involved have a lot of decisions to make.

One of those includes deciding on the materials you’ll use in the project.

If your goal is to design and construct a building that can stand the test of time, it may be time to evaluate metal panel finishes. Depending on the type of project and where the build is located, metal panels can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional paneling materials. They can enhance both the aesthetics and performance of each project while still remaining aligned with your ideal vision.

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Find The Right Metal Panel Finishes To Meet Your Design & Functionality Goals

You have a creative vision for your upcoming commercial construction project; however, you may not know how you will reach it with both design and functionality in mind. That’s where Wade Architectural Systems comes in. We guide you through the various materials to find the right metal panel finishes to achieve unique and distinctive aesthetics that other products can’t produce.

From Sonus to Parasoleil, Centria, and NedZinc, we have multiple high-quality metal panel finishes that offer better resistance to corrosion and less maintenance.

Complement Your Design With A Beautiful Standard Or Custom Finish

Looking to complete your modern design? What about your traditional remodel?

You can find or create custom metal panel finishes to fit your vision for a space.

First things first, identify what you want to accomplish with your exterior or interior space. What’s crucial to the design? What do you need to consider? What’s missing from your current material selection? Does your design require a more aesthetic focus or do you need functionality, too? What about both?

Then explore the vast variety of materials available to you through our catalog. To skip the overwhelm, we highly recommend you search through Centria, NedZinc, and Parasoleil – at least through your first big research dive into paneling.

Parasoleil, for example, uses its proprietary powder coat finishes for its aluminum laser-cut panels to create even more versatility and durability. Beyond being an attractive finish, it creates a maintenance-free panel for you or your client’s to enjoy throughout the 10-year finish warranty.

When you pair Parasoleil with either Centria or NedZinc for exterior paneling, you find yourself looking at a one-of-a-kind design. Check out how we’ve leveled up design for parking structures, higher education institutions, and municipalities.

Learn more about Wade’s variety of products and how we can help bring your design to life. Contact us today to get started.

Determine Whether Environmental Factors Call For Additional Protective Coating

Each environment brings different challenges when it comes to finding the right materials. Coastal communities have to consider the corrosive nature of salt water. Desert ecosystems require materials that will not crack under the dry, harsh sun. And snowbound environments must carry the weight of snow and ice without fracturing.

It’s crucial that you understand what factors you need to consider for the given project. Then determine what metal panel finishes and additional protective coating you may need to stand up to those factors.

Reasons To Use Protective Coatings

Beyond the environmental factors, there may also be other reasons to use an additional protective coating on your metal panels. Those could include:

  • General corrosion prevention
  • Heat and chemical protection
  • Sustainability and conservation efforts
  • Environmental protection

All in all, protective coatings are not meant to only provide aesthetic protection. They were also designed to increase the strength and durability of your building materials.

Keep in mind that not all protective coatings provide all the benefits listed above. It’s best to evaluate each material and determine what protective coatings are available for that product. When speaking with an expert or conducting your own research, it’s imperative to prioritize your or your client’s needs.

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Think About Facility Purpose & Requirements

In addition to location, the type of facility you’re building may have different paneling and acoustic needs. Here are a few recommendations for our most popular client industries:


Planning to house cutting-edge research labs, offices, or clinics? You might consider using paneling that is easy to clean, strong, and built to last. You may also need paneling that keeps energy efficiency top of mind.


Depending on the age group your educational building caters to, Wade anticipates various needs for accessibility, aesthetics, and sound quality. This means you can choose materials that require less maintenance and/or acoustic treatments that delivers optimal sound from room to room.

Museums & Culture Builds

Expand the possibilities of your museum and familiar builds with paneling that can preserve the property, refresh a particular look, or strategically display a brand-new idea.

Parking Structures

Ensure your parking build is up to code and durable by using high-quality materials constructed with purpose.

These are just a few examples of what clients consider before making any final decisions about materials. Don’t know where to start? Our team will work with you through the process so you have a better understanding of what your building design truly needs when it comes to its construction.

Add Acoustic Treatments To Interior Metal Panel Walls & Ceilings

The other thing to consider when choosing materials is the interior acoustic situation. Acoustics is one of the most underrated factors when it comes to design. That’s because when acoustics are taken into consideration, you don’t notice it. But when a space carries and amplifies sound obnoxiously, it becomes the only thing you notice. Unless that’s your intention, adding acoustic treatments to your interior metal panel walls and ceilings is your next step.

Acoustic Treatment Options

Today, you are not only reliant on traditional fabric acoustic panels. In fact, we offer beautifully designed wood, felt, and fabric panels to reduce echoes and divergences.

For example, Sonus – one of our brands – gives creative power back to designers and builders by offering beautiful acoustical products in multiple mediums.

In comparison, Ceiling Plus offers more variety when it comes to ceiling-surfaced acoustic paneling. Their wide catalog offers the greatest design flexibility, durability, and acoustical performance.

At the end of the day, both options help balance the sound environment out when using interior metal panels.

Ready To Boost Your Aesthetics & Performance For Your Commercial Construction Projects?

Wade Architectural Systems is your last stop for searching for premium quality construction materials that are sustainable, energy-efficient, beautiful, and extremely durable.

The time to explore paneling and acoustic materials for your current or next project is now. Our team of experts partners with you to select the best materials and metal panel finishes for your design aesthetic and functionality.

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