WinField Place

Winfield Place

Architect: Bennet and Benner Partners

Products: Ceilings Plus

At A Glance
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Winfield Place is one of the original parking garages in Fort Worth, a past home of the Black and White Cab Company and is now the home of a growing Oil and Gas Company who wanted to create an innovative, collaborative environment. The showpiece of the building was the original freight elevator that once transported cars to each level of the garage. Thought the lift was operational, it was decades past compliant. Bennett and Benner Partners worked in creative ways to transform this space into an usable option for all floors. The 1919 freight elevator became a glassed-in conference room that moves up and down the three-story building and Ceiling Plus was utilized on the ceiling of the elevator and show cases the company's logo.

Winfield Place Ceilings Plus

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