John Cooper

John Cooper School Rock Math & Science Center

Architect: Ziegler Cooper Architects
Houston, TX

Products: VMZinc, Interlocking Panel, Corrugated Panel, Centria

Installer: Skweres Services

At A Glance
  • VMZinc Interlocking Panel
  • VMZinc Corrugated Panels
  • Centria Cascade Panels

John Cooper opened August 2016 and features a 55,000-square foot building with open-space classrooms, a college-style 125-seat lecture hall, solid walls that can be drawn on with "idea paint," a robotics classroom, outdoor courtyard and more. The Rock Math and Science Center is specifically designed to prepare students for careers in mathematics, science, medicine and technology.

houston community college
john cooper red
john copper centria cascade
hcc louvers

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