Callier Center for Communication

Callier Center for Communication Disorders

Architect: Smith Group JJR, Dallas, TX

Products: Centria

Installer: Advantage Wall Panel Systems

At A Glance
  • CENTRIA's 18-gauge (0.04-inch) Paradigm

Centria's perforated metal panels create a visual aesthetic for the building and are shading devices at entries and glazed portions. SmithGroupJJR organized them into a rhythmic pattern that creates an elegantly composed fa├žade from the exterior, and a translucent layer that harvests daylight from the interior.

From providing pre and post-surgical evaluations for children with cochlear implants, to offering speech and language therapy for patients of all ages, the Callier Center was built to offer quality care in a compassionate, family-centered environment.

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Centria Perforated Metal Panels
Callier Center
Callier Center for Communication Disorders
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