June 9, 2019
June 9, 2019 admin

Servicing and Cleaning Your Industrial Trash Chute

Cleaning Your Industrial Trash Chute doesn’t need to cause more problems! An industrial garbage chute is a long chute in a hi-rise apartment or office building where trash is disposed of. Trash thrown down the chute typically goes down to a large dumpster where it can be collected and taken away. Every hi-rise has at least one industrial trash chute, and most of the time these chutes serve their purpose. They’re simple, convenient and they keep trash out of sight and out of mind for office employees and apartment building residents.

Industrial trash chutes make it easy to dispose of your garbage simply by taking it to the chute. These architectural necessities, core to a building, are designed by companies such as Wilkinson Hi-Rise to include features such as sound insulation and cylinder locks to prevent unauthorized access to the chute. However, they still require regular cleaning and maintenance.

What Happens When an Industrial Garbage Chute is Poorly Maintained?

As useful as an industrial garbage chute can be, it can also cause a lot of problems if it doesn’t undergo regular cleaning and maintenance. Builders often install garbage chutes in airtight buildings, where air quality is crucial. Although industrial garbage chutes lead to dumpsters, they still accumulate mold, bacteria, and other materials that can affect a building’s air quality. If workers don’t clean these chutes regularly, residents and employees in the building may experience allergic reactions and other serious respiratory issues. Of course, regular cleaning will also cut down on bad smells within a building.

A garbage chute that hasn’t been cleaned recently can also lead to other problems for the building itself. Grease fires are common, as are pest control problems if garbage attracts rats and cockroaches. Industrial garbage chutes usually need to be of insect and rodent-proof construction, but organic trash can still attract pests. It’s very difficult to solve a pest problem once it’s taken root, so the best thing to do is to prevent it from even happening.

Create a Cleaning and Maintenance Schedule

Ideally, an industrial garbage chute should be cleaned once or twice a year, but additional cleaning may be required if the garbage chute sees a lot of use. Cleaning Your Industrial Trash Chute can be difficult, especially if it is particularly filthy. Workers usually scrub the inside of the chute from the top floor to the bottom. Once they finish, they spray a degreasing solution. The time it takes to clean a garbage chute depends on its length and how dirty it has gotten. For example, a garbage chute for a 30-story building can take up to three days to clean out completely.

As difficult as it is to have a garbage chute cleaned out, it must be done on a regular basis. Contact a professional maintenance company today to schedule maintenance for your building’s industrial garbage chute. You will hopefully only need one cleaning a year, but more maintenance may be required depending on your situation.