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Looking for  Trash Chutes?

Thanks to excess packaging, disposable consumer products, convenience food and junk mail; it is an unfortunate fact of modern living that the average American generates over four pounds of trash per day. Finding ways to keep all this garbage from cluttering spaces, littering the ground, clogging the streets and contaminating vital waterways can be a challenge. A trash chute makes it easy for people to dispose of their trash in a safe, hygienic and responsible manner. Most trash chutes empty directly into a dumpster where the trash is collected until being transported for disposal. Many modern buildings provide trash chutes for the use of workers who are employed there.

Office Buildings

In today’s hectic world, many people are too busy to think about what happens to their trash. As long as it’s out of sight, it is forgotten. This mindset causes many apparently neat and tidy people to leave trash in stairwells, throw it into out-of-the-way corners and dump it in other overlooked areas. This problem of improper waste disposal is exacerbated when people work in a large office spaces or other facilities with common areas both inside and outside the building. A large commercial building with hundreds or even thousands of employees can quickly become an unsanitary trash heap if a significant portion of workers do not handle their trash responsibly.

A trash chute makes trash management easy for everybody and helps to keep large commercial buildings clean and neat. Employees do not have to lug their garbage down the stairs or elevators; they simply bag it, drop it in the trash chute and forget about it.

Commercial Complexes

Large office buildings are a phenomenon of modern commerce, and all of the companies and corporations housed within them generate trash. Most buildings use the services of professional cleaning crews, and, without a trash chute, cleaning personnel have to find ways to remove large amounts of garbage from a building on a regular basis. Installing a trash chute makes their work much easier and can even save on maintenance costs because the cleaning teams have a quick and easy way to dispose of garbage instead of having to haul it out by hand or cart it away.

Medical Facilities

The use of trash chutes to discard medical waste is not allowed, but medical facilities deal with large amounts of non-medical garbage as well as medical waste. The use of trash chutes can promote better facility management at hospitals or other large medical buildings. For many of the same reasons outlined above, trash chutes encourage proper waste disposal and facilitate the work of housekeeping crews and medical office personnel.

Trash chutes come in a variety of sizes .Buildings with two or more levels find trash chutes to be a handy way of getting garbage down to the lower level of corporate and multifamily housing projects effortlessly.

Trash chutes are an innovation that helps to simplify one troublesome aspect of modern living, which, if overlooked, could lead to health and sanitation problems that extend far beyond the scope of a single building. Wade Architectural Systems offers complete laundry and waste chute solutions from Wilkinson Hi-Rise, an industry leader in waste chute and compaction systems. Call us today at 800-950-4544.