The Many Benefits of a Trash Chute

The Many Benefits Of A Trash Chute

benefits of a trash chute


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Businesses have to deal with tons of trash on a daily basis. Imagine a commercial building that hosts plenty of offices with every floor hosting dozens of employees and work staff. This directly translates to a heap of trash and debris that needs to be disposed in a safe manner.


That is why trash chutes exist; as a common feature in high-rise commercial buildings, trash chutes are an effective way to streamline the entire disposal system.


And this is just one of its many benefits – let’s dive in:


What Is A Trash Chute?

Before trash chutes, the typical trash disposal process required everyone in the building to dump their trash in a remote location on the premises.


This required dragging considerable weight all the way down stairways and elevators, in addition to the stench and health hazards it poses. Then, the people responsible for trash removal would make their way towards the designated area and bring the heap towards the disposal truck.


Not only was this process slow and cumbersome, but the entire ordeal of transporting trash from one corner to another could lead to health hazards especially if one of the bags burst open.


That’s where trash chutes come in; these are large tube-like structures that connect each floor with a central trash depository (typically located in the basement) from where the trash can be collected easily.


The common trash chute door design consists of a square or rectangular shaped opening like an oven door. With one intake door placed on every floor, people can easily carry their trash bags to the chute and drop it to the building’s central trash disposal location.


When it comes to the trash chute design itself, the tube is in a circular shape – flowing all the way down to the disposal location. The typical trash chute dimensions range between 24 to 36 inches in diameter.


A large opening size makes it possible for users to place big trash bags inside the tube while the tunnel-like structure ensures that the trash doesn’t get stuck on its way down.


Benefits Of A Trash Chute


Businesses need to ensure a clean and healthy environment to protect their employees’ well-being – additionally, a tidy workplace helps project a good image on prospective consumers and stakeholders.

With trash chutes, you can maintain an efficient trash disposal system that allows you to accomplish both these things. Here are some more benefits:


Easy And Convenient

With a trash chute door on every floor, employees can easily dispose of trash without having to walk all the way to the trash dump.


Not only does this save valuable office time, but it also ensures that all the junk inside the building is safely accumulated in one discreet location that is not inhabited by people. Besides being highly convenient, it also negates the dangerous possibility of spills, trash bags bursting due to load and employee discomfort faced by this ordeal.


A trash chute ensures the process remains as convenient and comfortable as possible.


Environmentally Friendly

When it comes to trash management in a professional setting, organizations are required to take a lot of safety precautions to ensure no harm is done to the employees as well as the environment.


Without a proper chute, the trash dump keeps piling on until finally, someone decides to take it all the way across the building for disposal. This creates various environmental hazards, such as pollution and deterioration of air quality.


With important documents also lying in the bins, a ‘hands-free’ trash disposal technique offered by a trash chute provides an ideal route – with this, you get to maintain adequate hygiene levels.


Hygiene Friendly

In the corporate world, employees are getting increasingly peculiar about how they deal with trash. And one of the most significant qualities of a trash chute is its ability to provide a ‘hands-free’ procedure to dispose of trash.


Additionally, the ubiquitous presence of a trash heap that is waiting to be disposed of is a major health hazard. Not only can it transfer bacterial infections via air, but it also attracts pests, vermin and mice to add to your workplace miseries – in fact, it can also lead to the spread of different illnesses and disease.


With important documents also lying in the bins, a ‘hands-free’ trash disposal technique offered by a trash chute provides an ideal route – with this, you get to maintain adequate hygiene levels.


To top it off, trash chutes can also be equipped with disinfecting solutions. Once the trash is disposed of, it automatically dispenses a chemical solution that not only manages to reduce the intensity of the odor, but also kills any bacteria or vermin in the chute.


Overall, there are many benefits that can be derived from having a trash chute integrated into the design of a building – including convenience, ease of use and cleanliness. As such, trash chutes are a perfect fit for commercial buildings.