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Posted May 7th, 2014 by Christy Serafini

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When most people, even building professionals, think of metal roofing, standing seam steel panels are what generally spring to mind. However, other metal roofing options do exist, and foremost among them is zinc. Zinc roofing is an attractive, cost-effective material that works well for almost any residential or commercial roofing application. Below are several reasons every building contractor and roofing professional should take a closer look at zinc roofing.

Traditional and Durable

Zinc has been a popular roofing material overseas, particularly in Europe, for over a hundred years. Zinc-alloy and zinc-coated metal roofs were once relatively common in America too, primarily utilized on rural farmhouses, but due to the development of asphalt composite shingles in the early twentieth century, zinc roofing never reached the same levels of popularity that it continues to enjoy in Europe. However, zinc roofing in America is making a resurgence thanks to the rediscovery of its many benefits, including environmental sustainability, weather-resistance and attractive appearance. Zinc roofing also meshes with any type architecture, from traditional to high-tech, and provides a level of protection for a building that is second-to-none.

The Benefits of Zinc

Zinc is a relatively inert material that does not react readily in the presence of water, oxygen or nitrogen. In fact, the moist conditions that cause damage to other roofing materials, such as iron and iron-based compounds, are no problem for zinc. These weather-resistant properties mean that zinc is an excellent choice for use on a roof, where it will constantly be exposed to harsh weather conditions. Zinc also makes an excellent weatherproof coating for more easily corroded types of metal, like steel and aluminum. The long lifespan of a zinc roof is comparable to that of slate or tile, with most lasting a century or more with very little maintenance and upkeep required. Zinc is highly malleable and thus takes very little effort to be rolled into thin, lightweight sheets of varying thicknesses, or gauges, for use in different climates. Because of its light weight, zinc is also easy to transport, lift into place during installation and fasten securely, making it a logical choice for every builder who wants to complete a high-quality project while reducing the construction time and the bottom line.

Finding the Right Zinc Roofing at Wade Architectural Systems

A range of different roofing panel styles is available from Wade Architectural Systems. Our team has served contractors throughout Texas and Oklahoma with utilitarian and designer architectural metal supplies for over 25 years, and we’re pleased to offer high-quality VMZINC® products to clients within our service area. VMZINC® manufactures an extensive selection of zinc-alloy metal roofing supplies, including standing seam and textured zinc-titanium roofing panels. Color selections ranging from natural zinc to deep black allow VMZINC® roofing products to blend seamlessly with the other building materials used on a project. Wade Architectural Systems also supplies flashing, fastening systems and other accoutrements designed to coordinate with VMZINC®’s roofing products.

If you’re a local contractor or roofer interested in more information about using VMZINC® roofing panels on an upcoming project, contact Wade Architectural Systems to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives today. We’ll be glad to work with you during all phases of the construction process, from initial design to final completion. We also offer other architectural metal supplies, including rainscreen cladding and exterior metal wall systems, so make us your one-stop destination for all styles of high-quality architectural metal.