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Where can I Buy Zinc Roofing Material?

Wade Architectural Systems is your source for zinc roofing material, including standing seam panels, shingles, coil and flat sheet for flashing and architectural details. We have strong relationships with manufacturers of roofing materials and specialize in zinc roofing/cladding products. Our team consists of professional representatives, project managers, and estimators. We have been supplied roofing and wall cladding materials for more than 2,500 projects within the United States. We are a Houston based company and focus primarily on projects within the state of Texas. We offer only the best from reputable companies such as Centria, VMZINC, Dri - Design and Ceilings Plus.

We understand that the material selection you make will directly impact the performance, aesthetics and durability of the structure. A roof fabricated from architectural zinc is considered by many to be the best metal value for various steep-slope applications.

Is Zinc Roofing Long-Lasting?

Zinc has a rich global history and is known for its long lifespan. In Paris, 85% of roofs are constructed of rolled zinc, most of which are original roofs from the mid-19th century. With average lifespans of 80-100+, a zinc roof will far outlast most other roofing options.

To help contractors and installers meet their roofing needs, Wade Architectural Systems offers rolled roofing and shingle products from VMZINC® by Umicore Building Products. VMZINC® has a long history of success thanks to the material's durability coupled with a global network of Pro-Zinc trained installers. Not only do their roofing materials last a long time, they are also malleable, prestigious, and available in an array of color options. VMZINC® Double Lock Standing Seam systems, Dexter panels, and Adeka shingles are appropriate for all roof pitches 3:12 and above. For assistance in selecting the appropriate solution for lower sloped roofs and roofing shapes, contact Wade Architectural Systems today.

Is Zinc Roofing Low-Maintenance?

Zinc is a material that far outlasts alternative roof cladding options. Because the material develops a natural, protective patina, it requires virtually no maintenance over its life-span. A properly installed zinc roof can last well over 80 years. Zinc also has a low reflectivity as well as a beautiful appearance that only gets better as the ages pass. Many rainscreen cladding options are also available with zinc, so vertical wall applications with the same longevity and beautiful appearance can be installed on your building whether a commercial office, educational institution, large airport, or small, private residence.

Wade Architectural Systems represents metal panel systems to suit a variety of needs and budget requirements. We work closely with construction and design teams early on in the project to identify areas that provide the most cost-effective solutions. Contact our offices today to find out more about our services.