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Posted February 14th,  2014 by Christy Serafini

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Although all types of metal panels provide a superior level of protection for any structure, zinc panels offer some distinct advantages over other types of exterior metal panel systems. Below are several of the benefits of using zinc panels in your next construction project.

Durability and Long Life

In its elemental form, zinc is soft and flakes easily. However, combining zinc with the right quantities of more brittle metals like titanium, copper and aluminum allows it to be employed effectively in commercial construction. When used in metallic alloys, the properties of zinc panels enhance the mixture by improving ductility, thermal protection and moisture resistance. Adding a protective coating of zinc is another way to utilize the outstanding qualities of this metal. Zinc won’t corrode or rust when exposed to moisture and air, and over time the surface of a zinc-coated panel develops a protective layer that shields it from damage while preserving the original color and appearance.

A Green Choice

The light-colored, reflective surface of zinc makes it a green option for use on roofs, especially in areas that receive direct sunlight. The long life of zinc siding panels also makes them a logical material for a builder looking for an environmentally friendly metal panel system. Like all metal panels, zinc panels are easily recycled at the end of their useful life.

A Style for Every Building

Zinc panels look great even without the use of paints or finishes. The matt patina that a zinc panel naturally develops overtime captures the depth of texture and beautiful color variations you would expect in a natural material. Zinc panel systems also blend seamlessly with glass and other materials on an exterior façade. The finished look can be traditional, modern or truly eclectic depending upon the colors, combinations and patterns chosen.

Other Benefits of Using Zinc

  • Glare can be a problem with some types of metal panels, especially if care is not taken during installation. Although zinc does reflect the sun’s energy, it’s not as reflective as steel or glass and generally causes no problems with creating excessive glare in bright sunlight.
  • Cost is an important consideration in every building project. Panels made using alloys or coatings that include zinc are competitively priced compared to other materials. The reduced maintenance and repair costs over the life of a structure encased in zinc panels helps to offset the original cost of panels.
  • Unlike some other metals, zinc acts to prevent the growth of mold and fungi, so panels coated with zinc can keep these unpleasant organisms from staining and discoloring a building’s façade. Interestingly, although zinc thwarts mold and mildew, it doesn’t harm other types of plant life, so the grass and shrubs nearby won’t be adversely affected by run-off from a zinc-paneled structure.

If you plan to use panels made of zinc alloy then the special properties of zinc mean that you’re investing in a long-lasting exterior siding product that will provide a high level of protection from moisture and corrosion. For more information about using zinc panels in your next project, contact your local supplier for VMZINC exterior metal panel systems, Wade Architectural Systems. We’re proud to serve commercial contractors in the states of Texas and Oklahoma with these premium zinc panel systems, and we’d appreciate the chance to earn your business. Call and talk to one of our professional sales advisors today.