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What is the average lifespan of Zinc Panels?

There are many types of zinc panels available to suit your architectural needs. VMZINC® is one of the main sources for panels made from zinc, a popular choice for metal panel systems among designers today. Their brand name represents a full range of Titanium-Zinc products that are available as sheets, coils and manufactured products and systems. This is an international brand that is owned by the Building Products Unit of the UMICORE Group. They provide a variety of facades made with zinc including:

  • VMZ Adeka
  • VMZ Corrugated - Sinus
  • VMZ Dexter
  • VMZ Flat lock panel
  • VMZ Interlocking panel
  • VMZ Metafor
  • VMZ Single lock standing seam
  • VMZ Dri Design Cassettes
  • VMZ Composite

Each of these come with many attractive features that are appealing to contractors and installers. They are economical, easy to install, and can be versatile while retaining an industrial look. Their panels also have ranging components, concealed clips and fasteners, and you can install them vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Read more about them here - http://www.vmzinc-us.com/.

Wade Architectural Systems uses a wide array of metal options for panels including zinc. We have been involved with more than 2,500 projects all over the country, with a primary focus on Texas. We have been involved with projects such as:

  • The Council on Alcohol & Drugs building in Houston
  • Galveston Fire Station No. 4
  • The Agriculture & Life Sciences Complex on the Texas A&M University Campus
  • The University of Texas Health Science Center School of Nursing

Are Zinc Panels Expensive?

Panels from VMZINC® are reasonably priced. The value of their architectural metal panels far outweighs the cost. Many companies all over the world use it when constructing their buildings. Portions of Asia as well as Europe have long used zinc as a building envelope material. America has now jumped on board and has recognized their long-term durability. Their "green" facet also appeals to contractors and installers that want something environmentally-friendly. Additionally, they are malleable, flexible, prestigious and aesthetic.

Another characteristic of zinc is that it develops a natural protective patina. It can go from shiny silver to matte gray, depending on the alloy, colors and finishes. When water, oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules in the atmosphere come into contact with the zinc surface, an adhering protective layer of zinc carbonate begins to form. This provides protection from further corrosion. This layer will renew throughout its lifecycle.

How do Zinc Panels Compare to Copper?

Zinc is soft compared to copper. However, it can meet commercial roofing and wall applications when combined with titanium, aluminum as well as copper. Although this results in a zinc alloy, it still retains the natural benefits of zinc. This includes attributes such as malleability, color, texture and patina. This expands the use of zinc as an architectural application, including metal composite wall panels. Read more here - http://goo.gl/BpDZM.

Wade Architectural Systems represents panel systems made with high-quality for a range of budgets. It is our pleasure to work with design and construction companies in the early stages of panel specification and selecting. This assists us in identifying areas that provide the most cost-effectiveness while never compromising on performance and aesthetic requirements. Contact us immediately to review the best options concerning your project.