July 22, 2014
July 22, 2014 admin

Part of the attraction customers and clients find in corporate buildings comes from the interior design. Unsurprisingly, the ceilings can play a large part in that design, and the right team can put together some pretty magnificent looks. Corporations and businesses in Houston, Texas have many options when it comes to architectural design teams, but one of the best is Wade Architectural Systems, and their selections in the Ceilings Plus line. Not only do they offer wood ceiling systems in wide variety of colors, but different materials as well, ensuring unique looks for each of their clients.



Some assume that ceilings are just the roof overhead, worth no more thought than that the roof exists. But a great deal off effort goes into the installation of such panels, and the design can add a great deal of atmosphere to the room. Ceilings Plus offers both wood and metal materials, catering to acoustic needs as well as energy efficiency, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing design. Companies can work with design teams to nail down plans, find the right option for a wood ceiling system that provides the best acoustic environment.


Visually Luxurious

One of the reasons wood ceiling systems are growing in popularity is because they add an element of luxury to a building, and for corporate offices, luxury is one of their key ingredients. Wood brings certain richness to the building, giving not only the clients, but also the employees a sense of comfort in elegant surroundings. Different venues will desire different types of wood, naturally, and design teams offer only the best in customer service when it comes to finding the right look and style for the space. A library, for example, would want material that will absorb sound, and help keep the area quiet for those reading or studying. An auditorium would require material that will help project sound.


Idea Pad

Thanks to some new ideas and innovative technology, Ceilings Plus, through Wade Architectural Systems, is offering this great concept called an Idea Pad to help clients find the best design, texture, perforation, and material for their space. The Idea pad is used to allow business owners the luxury of perusing the wide variety of options available to perfectly fit the desired function and style of a room or office. Info binders, while useful, are becoming a thing of the past. Idea Pads have replaced them in his Houston company. Gone are the clunky and often overbearing binders. Idea Pad is quick and easy, and readily available so that business owners can get to work quickly on their design projects.


Ceiling panels can add a great deal to the room, not only for style, but for functionality as well. Making sure the right material is chosen for the right room is at the top of the priority list for the design teams from Wade Architectural Systems. Customer care and satisfaction are of great concern. For businesses working to design new spaces, keep wooden ceiling panels in mind as an option that will be cost effective, well priced, eco-friendly, and pleasantly stylish. Houston based Wade Architectural Systems make design and installation a snap, and are there to work with your teams every step of the way to give your offices a bright, unique look that will perfectly fit the personality of your business.