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Posted June 13, 2014 by Christy Serafini

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If you are looking for ways to modernize your corporate office in order to give a fresh, new look, you should consider the installation of a wood ceiling system. There are many advantages and benefits you can derive for your corporate office when you choose a wood ceiling system installation. Greater design flexibility can be achieved through the incorporation of wood as a ceiling material. You also can choose from materials that have greater sustainability (as part of your corporate green efforts) and deliver a higher acoustical performance.

Before you make a decision on which type of ceiling system you should incorporate into your corporate office, here are some things you should know about wood ceilings. This includes an understanding of what wood ceiling systems are, what is currently popular among architects and appealing to business owners.

What Are Wood Ceiling Systems?

Wood ceiling systems take the natural look and feel of wood and incorporate it into unique and intricate designs for your corporate office. A wood ceiling installed on one or all of the floors of your corporate office can add a certain richness and luxurious look for your office, and can be engineered to incorporate a particular design pattern. Wood ceilings can be built using a system of planks or panels that use a variety of different woods, including sustainable bamboo and reclaimed wood. The wood used in the creation of wood ceiling systems is fire-resistant and can meet (and exceed) the most stringent codes with respect to fire retardant building materials.

What is Popular in Wood Ceiling Systems?

The popular wood ceiling systems being planned for corporate offices include those that use acoustic panels for noise reduction, flat panel, a slats design or a coffers design that gives a distinct look of elegance. The type of wood ceiling system that you may choose for your corporate office space depends on the type of business that you are in and the type of look you are looking to achieve for your space.

As an example wood acoustic panel designs help absorb sound at a greater rate than a more traditional ceiling system and diffuse noise at a higher frequency, This helps to lower the ambient noise in your corporate office and allow your employees to concentrate on providing superior client service for your company.

The Appeal of Wood Ceiling Systems to Architects and Designers

Architects and designers have before them a countless number of possibilities for their designs when using wood ceiling systems in their corporate office plans. The flexibility of wood as a building material and the different varieties and types means for architects and designers the opportunity to create and deliver multiple design options within the same corporate office space. Wood ceiling systems allow architects and designers to extend their design visions beyond specialty rooms and spaces within your corporate office and create continuity.

If you have never considered a wood ceiling system for your space, now is the time to do so. The advantages and benefits of including wood ceilings in your space can give you a fresh new look and completely transform your work environment.