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Posted January 6th, 2014 by Lenora Hamilton

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Decorative, attractive wood is the perfect way to add classic beauty to any structure. Although
wood is generally considered to be a traditional building material, it is just as at-home adorning a
modern office building surrounded by metal and glass as it is in a centuries-old farmhouse.
Below is information you should know about installing wood ceiling systems from Wade
Architectural Systems to enhance your commercial property.

Design Options

Solid wood panels can be used to cover an entire ceiling or as a decorative embellishment to
accent plaster or other material. However, wood ceiling systems, a material made by attaching a
thin layer of wood to a metal panel, allows for far greater design possibilities, including the
formation of wood panels into curves and other configurations that would never be possible with
solid wood.


Although the manufacture of any wood product begins with the harvest of living trees, trees are a
renewable resource that can be replanted. The use of wood veneer products blends the best
aspects of two environmentally-friendly products; wood and metal. Instead of furthering the
destruction of old-growth forests, wood veneers use only thin sections of wood derived from
younger trees to give the impression of solid wood panels.


The movement of sound waves is something that most people don’t think about until they find
themselves in a large, crowded public space surrounded by noise. The irregular surface of natural
wood acts to disperse sound waves rather than reflecting them back into a room. This property of
wood makes it an excellent choice for a ceiling material. Even when used as a veneer over metal,
wood helps to improve the acoustics of any large space, dampening the ambient noise and
making personal conversations possible.

Reduced Weight

Solid wood is very heavy and can add significant weight to any structure. This weight must be
carried by enhanced structural support that adds to the cost of building. Although it seems
counterintuitive, the use of wood veneer on a metal substrate, such as lightweight aluminum,
reduces the weight carried by the internal structure of the building while giving the appearance
of a solid wood ceiling.


Wood and wood veneer products are available in a range of different shades and grain patterns.
By itself, wood is attractive, and its appearance is enhanced by the use of stains and paint. For
individuals who like the look of wood without the maintenance, products that simulate the look
of wood are also available. These products are extremely resistant to moisture and are excellent
choices for high-humidity areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms.


Because of the perceived costs associated with using natural wood for interior decorating, a
wood ceiling is considered to be high-end design feature. However, the ceiling products offered
by Wade Architectural Systems are not expensive and provide many benefits that make them a
cost-effective choice for most design applications.

If you are interested in finding out more about the striking wood ceiling systems offered by Wade
Architectural Systems, visit our website or call our office today. We are a local supplier for
Ceilings Plus ceiling products and will be glad to provide product samples to help you settle on
the right wood ceiling system for your next building design or remodeling project.