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Posted April 21, 2014 by Christy Serafini

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Modern wood ceiling systems have much to offer any type of structure. If you’re not familiar with the many wood ceiling products that are available for use in large commercial and public buildings, keep reading to learn more about two of the most popular aspects of these systems—acoustic design and a warm, attractive appearance.

Wood Ceiling Systems—A Combination of Materials

The wood ceiling systems on the market today consist mainly of high-quality wood veneer products. One of the reasons behind this trend is the extremely high cost of natural wood. Wood veneers employ thin layers of wood that are bonded to another material, usually aluminum or steel panels. The resulting panels allow a greater ceiling area to be covered less expensively than if solid wood alone was used. Solid wood is also limited when it comes to design options. Panels made from wood veneers can be formed into curves and bends that would destroy solid wood. Wood veneer ceiling systems combine the best aspects of wood and metal into a single product that’s easy to install and maintain.

Acoustic Absorption and Dispersal

Sound reflection and amplification are often problems in a large building or an interior public space. The modern taste for sleek, polished interior surfaces means that even minute sounds like the rustling of paper are reflected back into the room after striking the walls and ceiling. The porous nature of wood results in a portion of the sound waves that contact the surface are absorbed, rather than reflected. In addition, although wood may be polished, its surface still retains slight imperfections and differential levels of protrusion. This slightly uneven texture serves to disperse the incoming sound waves that aren’t absorbed instead of reflecting them directly or even concentrating them. The sound wave dispersal phenomenon exhibited by wood veneer ceiling products allows speaking and understanding dialogue within the normal vocal range and also preserves the privacy of individual conversations.

Incredible Beauty and Striking Design Options

When people think of wood ceilings, they might imagine strips of wood installed horizontally or wood beams used to accent another material, like drywall or plaster. Modern wood ceiling products are available for use in those traditional configurations, but wood ceiling systems offer so many more design options than those available from wooden boards, panels and beams. Wood veneer panels can be shaped into curves of nearly any radius and installed in a variety of unconventional ways. Wood veneer products can also be mixed with other materials, and most ceiling systems come with matching lighting and vent fixtures and specially manufactured connections that can be hidden or left exposed as part of the overall look.

Finding the Right Wood Ceiling System for Any Project

Whether you’re interested in wood veneer ceiling products because of their superior acoustic protection or their high-end appearance, the wood ceiling systems produced by Ceilings Plus offer what you’re looking for. Wade Architectural Systems is pleased to be the local supplier of a full line of Ceilings Plus products. We serve clients throughout Texas and Oklahoma, and we’ll be glad to meet with you at your earliest convenience to discuss how you can use wood ceiling systems in your next project.

With so many benefits and available options, it’s no wonder that wood ceiling systems are growing in popularity and are being utilized in buildings that span the spectrum from traditional to ultra-modern. For more information on these innovative products, contact Wade Architectural Systems today.