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centria logoCENTRIA has devoted more than 100 years to the art and science of producing color coated metal walls and roofs that impart the very best in aesthetics and performance. This includes a wide variety of high-quality coating systems, a full palette of colors and a range of substrates and surface textures to meet even the most demanding environmental conditions. Centria has been the trusted leader in high performance building enclosure systems bringing a unique combination of engineering and manufacturing to the construction industry. 

Concealed Fastener 

Concept Series single-skin panels have concealed fasteners and a common lock joint that allows the panels to be mixed for interesting custom profiled wall relief. The panels can be installed vertically or horizontally and have an unbroken appearance that further adds to Concept Series concealed fastener panels' versatility. 


Exposed Fastener 

Profile Series Exposed Fastener Metal Panels are extremely versatile panels that can be used as exterior or interior walls, roofs and soffits with ribs that run horizontally or vertically. This flexibility, and their excellent negative wind load properties, along with the fact that the panels may be insulated to add a level of thermal protection make the panels an excellent option.


Architectural Foam

Re-imagine metal with one of the industry’s best combinations of aesthetics, performance, sustainability and value while providing outstanding thermal efficiency and moisture control. CENTRIA has perfected architectural insulated metal panel systems, offering a wide range of panel lengths, widths and thickness for the ultimate in design flexibility.



EcoScreen perforated screen walls are created through a unique fabrication process that utilizes 20 gage stainless steel and 0.040" [1mm] painted aluminum. The perforation pattern open area provides an airy aesthetic that controls light and air movement, while elegantly blending industrial and other applications with their surroundings.


Microseam Corners

Metal Wrap

altech logoAltech Panel Systems is the manufacturer of the patented Accu-Trac® aluminum composite wall panel systems for both exterior and interior applications.  These composite wall panel systems utilize aluminum composite material (ACM) and metal composite material (MCM), produced by world class manufacturers such as Alpolic, Reynobond, Alucobond and Larson.

DS System

The Accu-Trac DS System is a dry joinery system utilizing 1/2" reveals to articulate the vertical and horizontal joints in lieu of exposed sealants. THIS IS WHERE BOLD MEETS BEAUTIFUL!! Create sharp, crisp joints with a variety of widths. 

ES System

The Accu-Trac ES System is an exposed seal panel system utilizing a backer rod and silicone in both the vertical and horizontal joints. STYLE AND PERFORMANCE COME TOGETHER! 

Color Options and Finishes

Altech Panel Systems is proud to partner with Alpolic a division of Mitsubishi Chemical. Offering a wide variety of colors and finishes, with a limitless custom color palette, Alpolic produces the highest quality of aluminum composite material in the world.  


shapeshellShapeshell™ is the result of ten years of collaboration with leading architects and builders delivering numerous highly creative and ambitious projects within the practical framework of commercial building developments. ShapeShell™ is available in both standard flat panels as well as a freeform version that can be produced in the most complex of shapes.



vmzinc logoThe VMZINC® brand name represents a full range of Titanium-Zinc products in the form of sheets, coils and manufactured products and systems. Zinc is a naturally occurring metal which is found in large quantities in the form of ore in the earth's crust. All operations, from the transformation of the ore to the production of rolled zinc and finished products, are carried out within the Umicore Zinc Group to which the VMZINC brand belongs. 

VMZ Single lock standing seam

VMZ Adeka

VMZ Corrugated Profile

VMZ Flat lock panel

VMZ Interlocking panel

Zinc is known for its elegant shade of grey, but just imagine what a subtle shade of red, green, blue, or brown can contribute to your creation.

vmzinc colors

VMZINC's Unique Range of Colors and Finishes

Natural Zinc - Natural Zinc is the original zinc - shiny and smooth when it comes out of the mill. When installed Natural Zinc will weather and form a beautifully textured grey patina over the years.


Quartz-Zinc - The elegant, pre-weathered grey of Quartz-Zinc is achieved by a factory process that mimics the matt patina that zinc naturally develops over time.


Pigmento - PIGMENTO uses modern pigment technology and showcases the naturally grained texture of pre-weathered zinc. The result is a revolutionary new look that blends with other colored materials and reflects the light of its environment.



For more colors and finishes please visit: VMZinc Surface Colors and Finishes



  • Resistance: Zinc is not corrosion-sensitive; a self-protective coating forms on its surface when it comes into contact with the atmosphere. These products require no special maintenance, and have an estimated lifespan of between 40 and 100 years depending on the environment.


  • Adaptability: The products are suitable for all types of buildings. They are designed to meet specific local requirements and current regulations, and can be used in new and renovated buildings.


  • Integration: VMZINC® products can be used for classic and complex forms (conical, single or double curves) and adapt perfectly to dimensional constraints.



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aurubis logoAurubis formally known as Norddeutsche (NA) was founded in 1866 and its history is characterized by its dynamics and flexibility. In the twentieth century its come to be known for its innovative processes, cutting edge technology and exemplary environmental production. Copper is one of the oldest building materials currently in use with its unique characteristics. Once thought of as just a durable roofing material is now being used as a flexible architectural exterior facade option or interior accent wall.

aurubis fine copper

Aurubis produces a range of copper-based architectural products and services for the building and construction industry. This includes flat copper sheets with different surface qualities, prefabricated systems for facades, roofs and rainwater systems.

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nordic products

Copper surfaces

The natural development of copper patina is one of copper’s unique characteristics. Within a few days of exposure to the atmosphere, the surface of Nordic Standard™ copper begins to oxidize, changing its color from the “bright” mill finish to a chestnut brown which gradually darkens over several years to a chocolate brown. Continued weathering can then result in development of the distinctive green patina – or blue in coastal locations. The patina film provides impressive protection against corrosion and can repair itself if damaged, defining the exceptional longevity of copper cladding.


Over the last few decades, Aurubis has developed a range of factory-applied surface treatments to provide the various stages of oxidation and patination straightaway. The processes involved are very similar to those taking place over time in the environment and utilize copper mineral compounds, not invasive chemical treatments.

Aurubis works closely with architects in developing special individual levels of patination of Nordic Surfaces, custom-made surfaces and other techniques in order to meet their design requirements or to match histori­cally patinated copper on existing buildings. Therefore, the early involvement in the architectural design process is essential.

aurubis colorsNORDIC STANDARD

Nordic Standard™ is mill finish copper without any additional surface treatments carried out in the factory. It has the traditional “bright” finish that develops and changes in the environment, as described earlier.


Nordic Brown™ products are pre-oxidized at Aurubis’ factory to provide the same oxidized brown surface immediately that otherwise develops over time in the environment.


Nordic Green™ and Nordic Blue™ products offer designers unparal­leled design freedom and the ability to determine the type and intensity of green or bluish patina for each project with choices of “Living” surfaces.

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Single lock standing seam


Sine wave profile

Flat lock panel

Interlocking panel

ceilings plus logoCeilings Plus allows designers total flexibility to realize their visions for ceiling and wall surfaces  with polygons and polyhedra, two-and three-dimensional curves, variations in scale, and infinite finish and perforation options. Wood and Metal options have been optimized to provide the greatest design flexibility, durability, acoustical performance, and sustainability.

plank exterior ceilings plus


Mirra™ linear metal ceilings have been popular for decades. Unlike conventional linear ceilings, Mirra is precision formed for added strength and a cleaner appearance. It is available in whatever sizes and spacings your project requires, and in a spectrum of metal and painted finishes.


When we clad the same lightweight aluminum panels with Arboreal® or Sarantè® veneer, we call the product Planx™. This means linear wood ceilings now weigh less, are available in an increased range of sizes, and are free of the urea formaldehyde found in particleboard cores.




We have re-engineered our products to meet the great outdoors. Now you can extend your design seamlessly from interior to exterior.  

~Ceilings Plus

wall form exterior

Exterior Soffits

Illusions™ can be specified for use in exterior soffits. A selection of finishes suitable for this use is available. Factory consultation is available to evaluate specific needs for upward and downward load requirements. System designs are available which have been engineered to meet demands of extreme environmental conditions. Exterior utilizes additional fasteners for required load.

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For more than 48 years, EPIC Metals has been practicing the Art and Science of structural deck engineering. EPIC systems enable a designer to create unique, visually open public spaces with responsible materials and unmatched acoustics.

epic metals canopy

The Epicore® product line of roof and floor deck ceiling systems was designed to give architects and engineers a system that provides an architectural feature, a structural element, a finished ceiling, and acoustic control. This architectural ceiling structure provides a linear plank appearance, hidden roofing fasteners, a grid hanging system, and longer clear spans.

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