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Posted March 7th, 2014 by Christy Serafini

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Most large, modern commercial structures are sheathed in architectural metal panel systems and for good reason. Below are several of the benefits of employing architectural metal in any large construction project.

Visual Appeal
The varied appearance of metal panel systems means that they can be used to allow a building to fit in with its surroundings materials or make a bold statement by standing out. Panels are available in a range of metallic hues, the most popular of which are zinc, copper, aluminum and steel. Finishes designed specifically for use on exterior metal panels can also be applied to add a layer of eye-catching color. Panels can be finished in shades that complement a business’s logo or color scheme and thus work as an extension of the company’s overall marketing strategy. Exterior metal panels can also be used to create an eclectic look when panels with different colors, textures and sizes are mixed and matched. Offsetting the panels from the surface of the building at varying distances also produces an interesting effect.

All-Around Protection
Metal provides superior protection against moisture, especially when enhanced with a coating that further protects against the corrosion caused by frequent exposure to water and air. Some types of metal, including titanium, copper and zinc are inherently resistant to moisture even when left untreated. Most metal panel systems are designed and installed to allow the free flow of air into the spaces between the panel and the interior wall of the structure. This flow of air prevents the build-up of condensation and allows any moisture that finds its way behind the panels to evaporate. Metal also flexes in response to wind loads and is more forgiving than rigid siding when it comes to the slight swaying experienced by extremely tall structures. Energy loss is another important consideration with any large, commercial structure, and when properly insulated, metal panel systems also help to create an energy-efficient barrier.

Long-Life and Low Maintenance
Similar to most other types of exterior metal, metal panel systems have an extremely long life. When properly installed and protected from harsh elements by a durable finish, metal panels have been demonstrated to last 100 years or longer. During that time, very little maintenance is required to preserve the appearance and integrity of well-made metal panels. The panels should be washed to remove superficial dirt and stains, and mold growth should be prevented by regular cleaning. Finishes and paints may need to be reapplied at some point, but many products are manufactured to last and require no refinishing at all.

Readily Available in This Area
Wade Architectural Systems has served business clients for more than 25 years with a full range of high-quality architectural metal products. We’re a local dealer for several brands of exterior metal panels, including Centria and VMZINC. We also provide other types of architectural metal, including roofing, interior panel systems and decorative metal elements. Call us first if you’re looking to enhance your next construction project with strong, attractive metal. Recent projects that incorporate architectural metal supplied by Wade Architectural Systems include buildings at the University of Texas and Texas A&M, Galveston Fire Station No. 4 and the Council on Alcohol and Drugs building in Houston.

Our staff has experience working with contractors throughout Texas and Oklahoma, and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you have, supply you with panel samples and help you select the right products for your next construction project. Contact Wade Architectural Systems for more information today.