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Who Makes Easy to Install Metal Panel Systems?

Wade Architectural Systems offers easy to install metal panel systems. We have been serving the architectural market since 1988 with exterior metals solutions. We partner with manufacturers of panels that are simple to install and offer training to teams new to working with our metal panel systems. The panel materials have a wide array of metals options, including, including zinc, copper, aluminum, stainless and galvanized steel. We have been associated with more than 2,500 projects across the United States while maintaining our primary focus in the state of Texas.

Projects with which we have been involved include the Council on Alcohol & Drugs building in Houston, Galveston Fire Station No. 4, the Agriculture & Life Sciences Complex on the Texas A&M University Campus, the University of Texas Health Science Center School of Nursing and many others.

With customer service at the forefront of our business, we go out of our way to provide excellence to our clients for each and every project. For instance, we not only provide metal panel systems designed to be installed efficiently, we offer design and detailing assistance, educational presentations, detailed engineering drawings, calculations and test reports. We offer many economical options to suit a range of budgets, so building owners and occupants can enjoy metal wall panels or roofing panels that are unique, aesthetically appealing and energy efficient as well.

What are Some Environmentally Friendly Metal Panel Systems?

One of the greatest benefits of selecting metal panel systems for your building project is that they offer many sustainable attributes. For example, zinc panels can have a lifespan of 100+ years as exterior cladding and are virtually maintenance free. Water runoff from zinc panels is clear and non-staining, and is not harmful to the surrounding environment. Similarly to copper, Zinc develops its own patina, which is a protective layer that gives the material longevity without the use of additional coatings. All of our metal panel systems use materials that are fully recyclable and have a high-recycled content. Centria, one of our primary manufacturing sources, has taken an active role in developing metal panels that are "green." Read more about the environmental benefits of metal paneling here -

Metal panels can contribute to a more energy efficient building envelope. Find out more about how energy efficient metal paneling is by visiting this link -

Are Metal Panel Systems Expensive?

Wade Architectural Systems represents high-quality panel systems that suit a variety of different budgetary ranges. We enjoy working with design and construction teams early in the panel specification and selection processes to help identify areas that will provide the most cost-savings while maintaining the performance and aesthetic requirements of the team. Contact us today to review options for your project.