June 16, 2017
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June 16, 2017 admin

10 Unique Benefits for Using Metal

When designing your next building project, whether it is commercial, industrial or residential, there are many materials that you can choose from for an exterior finish, including masonry or concrete products, wood, composites or even vinyl. But, for a truly unique and versatile exterior that offers all-weather performance and lasting durability, you should consider one of the many innovative metal panel systemsavailable today.

Metal panels systems offer a sleek, modern look that is highly-customizable and easy to install. Top manufacturers like Centria, VMZinc and Altech Panel Systems offer dozens of metal panel systems with hundreds of available sizes, shapes, finishes, textures and colors, and along with standard metal panel systems, they also offer composite metal panel systems, insulated metal panel systems and even some options for interior wall coverings or roof systems.

Today’s metal panel systems offer many advantages over alternative exterior building products, and here are a few of the most important benefits:

#1 Easy Installation

Many exterior materials, such as concrete or masonry products, can be time-consuming and difficult to install, increasing labor costs and leading to possible scheduling difficulties. Metal Panels systems are quick and relatively easy to install, with many featuring convenient attachment systems that reduce the complexity of the installation, as well as the required labor and time to complete the job. The installation of metal panels systems is less dependent on favorable weather conditions, reducing weather-related delays common for concrete and masonry products, and metal panel systems can cover a much larger area in less time.

#2 High Durability

Metal panels systems offer higher durability than many competing products, with finishes that will resist cracking, chipping or fading without the need for constant resealing. They can withstand high wind and inclement weather with minimal surface damage, and offer high resistance to water, air and vapor intrusion when installed correctly. Many metal panel systems are fire rated and offer increased resistance against corrosion, saltwater spray, impacts, high humidity and thermal cycling. They will enhance the appearance of your building and offer long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance.

#3 Reduced Weight

Buildings made with concrete or masonry exteriors must be specially-designed to bear the extra weight of the material, increasing construction costs and the amount of labor required. Compared to concrete or masonry surfaces, metal panels systems are just as durable, but are a fraction of the weight, reducing the support requirements and the costs for labor and materials.

#4 Low Maintenance

Masonry and concrete products often require periodic resealing to prevent staining or fading, and wood products require constant painting or sealing to prevent rot or water damage. Metal panel systems offer high-performance finishes that require very little maintenance and resist the effects of moisture, corrosion, surface impacts or ultraviolet light damage. They are extremely durable and will reduce maintenance costs over the life of the building.

#5 High Thermal Performance

When metal panel systems are used with the appropriate insulation and vapor barrier systems, or when insulated or composite metal panels systems are installed, they offer superior thermal performance, reducing the energy usage of the building, as well as its heating and cooling costs. They also provide a high-performance barrier against water, air or vapor intrusion, preventing heat loss, condensation, moisture and mold problems.

#6 Large Range of Sizes

Metal panel systems are available in a wide variety of panel sizes, for both horizontal and vertical installations. Panels sizes can range from a few feet to dozens of feet long, with multiple width and depth options, depending on the manufacturer and product line. Many manufacturers also offer custom sizes, available on request, to fit your design needs and budget.

#7 Multiple Shapes

There are many shapes and styles of metal panel systems available from the manufacturers, allowing you to create the perfect exterior design for your building, mixing and matching shapes, textures and colors to create depth and interesting patterns. Many manufacturers offer a selection of two-dimensional panels in rectangular or square formats, as well as custom shapes. There are also three-dimensional panels available with ridges, valleys or curves on the surface, as well as panels to fit curved or angled structures. Some manufacturers, such as Centria, offer panels with customized reveals or panels that are sub-divided into multiple shaped panels.

#8 A Variety of Textures

A variety of surface textures are also available on metal panel systems, including smooth textures, ridged textures, or embossed textures of varying shapes. The textures can add dimension to your building and offer a unique look that is unlike other exterior finishes. Many manufacturers also offer custom textures, as well as screened or perforated panels that can be used to control sunlight.

#9 Unique Finishes

Metal panel systems are available with many different finishes, depending on the manufacturer and product line. Natural metal finishes offer a sleek modern look that show off the natural grain of the material. Painted, epoxy or powder-coated finishes offer a nearly infinite variety of colors to choose from, and many manufacturers offer custom color options. Some manufacturers, such as Altech Panel Systems, offer truly unique panel systems with simulated wood, stone or more exotic finishes.

#10 Cost-Effective Options

Metal panel systems are available in a wide range of prices and options, allowing you to choose the right panel system to fit your projects unique requirements and budget. They offer a cost-effective alternative to other types of building materials, and can reduce overall building costs when the right options are selected. They also offer great warranty options, depending on the manufacturer and product line, and offer a significant return on your investment.

Metal panel systems can be a great choice for just about any building project, whether it is a large residential structure, a modern commercial building or a busy industrial complex. They offer many benefits over competing products, and are a cost-effective alternative to concrete, masonry, wood, composite or vinyl exteriors. With so many design options to choose from, you can create a truly unique structure that is both aesthetically-pleasing and functional, with great thermal performance, enhanced durability, reduced maintenance costs and lower overall building costs than competing products.