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Posted May 11th, 2014 by Christy Serafini

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Zinc panels are a new option for commercial buildings. These metal panel systems are growing in popularity due to their flexibility in various construction requirements and their inherent value and beauty.

What Are Zinc Panels?

Zinc panels are a form of exterior paneling that use a titanium-zinc alloy to create a flexible but strong surface that is impervious to the elements and provides maximum insulation value for commercial buildings. Unlike other types of metal such as steel, zinc resists rust and corrosion due to its unique nature. When zinc is confronted with moisture, a protective layer of carbonate forms on the surface. This leads to a blue patina that many people find extremely beautiful, although the real purpose of this reaction is to protect the zinc from rust.

This protective barrier also gives zinc incredible longevity. Zinc wall systems can last for more than 60 years if properly installed. The most amazing feature of a zinc wall, however, is the ability of the metal to repair itself from scratches or imperfections. As the patina grows, scratches and unsightly blemishes simply disappear, leaving only the beautiful bluish surface.

What Are The Benefits of Installing Zinc Panels?

Zinc panels offer many benefits to building owners. First, zinc panels easily pay for themselves in terms of longevity. No other metal cladding has the life expectancy of zinc, and therefore the initial cost of installation is spread over a long period of time, making zinc one of the most cost-effective building options available. This is particularly true when considering the cost of maintenance and repair on other types of exterior material that are not present with zinc.

Zinc also offers ease of installation. Zinc panels can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally to create whatever look the builder wishes. With hidden clips and mounting hardware, zinc installation is as easy as the simplest aluminum siding job but with many more benefits and a much better look.

Additionally, zinc siding, while inherently soft, is strengthened by the addition of other metals without losing its great qualities. The use of alloys in creating zinc siding give strength and flexibility to this material but still allow the natural beauty of zinc to take the spotlight.

Finally, zinc is a naturally green product. Because there is less work required to produce zinc siding and because it last so much longer than other materials, zinc is a natural choice for those concerned about the environmental impact of construction.

What Types of Zinc Panels Are Available?

Zinc panels are available in a variety of configurations. Builders and contractors can purchase zinc panels as flat locks, interlocking, single locks with standing seams or composites as well as specialty panels for almost any use.

Europeans have known about the benefits of zinc cladding for many years. Now, the idea is finally making headway in America. Choosing zinc panels is a great way to add beauty and architectural integrity to any building while at the same time protecting the environment and making a wise long-term investment in the future maintenance and repair costs of any building. With zinc panels, buildings get the best of both worlds: functional use and beauty.