Intercept | Inspire Entrye Lines and V-TRAC Curves

Intercept | Inspire Entrye Lines and V-TRAC Curves

The experience of beauty is fundamental to our human nature. Beauty is subjective; however, the joy found in architectural space and form is universal. This is why we are always looking to inspire architecture with new life and vibrant visual excitement.


History reminds us architecture should be exciting.


“Buildings are multidimensional, just as the cities they’re built in,”
“If a building tells a story at all, that story will keep shifting.”
-Renzo Piano -


Architecture is one of the few professions in the world that allow you to make something beautiful, and it all started with a line.


Designing with the Line

The line is the most fundamental element of design yet is used to create the most complex of designs. Every line has length, thickness, and direction, but the way they are composed gives it meaning.


Horizonal Lines – Relaxation, Quiet, Subtle

Vertical Lines – Height, Strength and Stability

Diagonal Lines – Movement, Direction, Speed

Curved Lines – Energy, Movement


A combination of composed lines tells a different story. Repetition of line creates unity. Variation in line can make it interesting. Architects use a combination of lines through material, spatial, and cultural occurrences to give meaning to the story.


Why Entrye and/or V-Trac


When put in the hands of creative professionals, Centria’s Intercept Systems can add a modern design to any building.


The rainscreen solution makes use of a unique fabrication process for variations in size, shape, and custom designs based on specific project requirements. The light-gauge material offers an economical solution for complex panel applications.


Get Inspired



When Acuity Brands decided to retire the facilities outdated brick façade, they envisioned a new dynamic exterior. The new design included a sleek metal exterior with strong visual lines. With smooth planes and clean sight lines, the simplicity of the Entyre panel was the perfect fit.

Acuity Brands

Using varied geometric shapes along with the right materials, Homer Lewis & Associates, Inc. created a simplistic design.


Now, Simplicity is not to be confused with simplest. Simplest is easy to accomplish as it is uninspired and often just a combination of elements that appear to fit together with no thought. Simplicity on the other hand requires crafting a delicate balance between each and every element of the design that delivers a unique message.


Tired of the flat wall? Move away from the conventional box building and start creating visual interest with curved metal. Curved metal can conform to almost any shape with both concave and convex designs that eliminate waste and break up large spaces.


Architects and Designers all over the world are utilizing curves to differentiate themselves and deliver a unique space to inspire and attract others.

VTRAC curves

The School Of Nursing And Student Community Center (shown below), designed in collaboration with Lake/Flato Architects, is one of Houston’s premier education institutions for health-related professions. The exterior features Intercept V-Trac and is expected to use 41% less energy than a conventional, minimally code-compliant building.

UT School of Nursing

Do you have design ideas with Intercept Entyre or V-Trac? We would love to see your designs and inspiration. Get in contact today to discuss how Intecept can enhance your next project.