November 16, 2023
November 16, 2023 admin

Already looking forward to reaching the finish line for your construction project? It’s an exciting process; however, it all starts with finding the right partners for your scope of work.

So, how do you know which bid will be easier on your budget and stress levels in the long run?

Whether you’ve been in construction for 3 years or over 30 years, most commercial construction projects have the same objectives – to save the most time, money, and as many resources as possible.

There are several misconceptions about lump sum pricing in construction and the challenges it poses for budget efficiency. However, it’s time to clear those up.


Interested in working with a trusted design partner? Contact Wade Architectural Systems (WAS). Learn how lump sum pricing in construction maximizes your budget with optimal efficiency in mind below.


What’s Unit Pricing Versus Lump Sum Pricing In Construction?

When choosing between unit price and lump sum pricing for architectural metal products, think of it like picking between pay-as-you-go or a one-time flat fee.

Unit pricing is like pay-as-you-go; where the cost is determined based on a specific measurement, such as per square foot, per linear foot, or per item. This method is great when you’re not sure how much you’ll need – like if you’re likely to change your mind or might need extra. It gives you the flexibility to adjust without committing to a huge amount upfront. But just like with a pay-as-you-go phone plan, you might end up paying more if you use a lot.

In contrast, lump sum pricing involves a fixed total cost for the entire scope of work, regardless of the individual quantities or measurements. This method is beneficial for projects with well-defined scopes and quantities, providing a clear, upfront cost that simplifies budgeting and financial planning. It can potentially offer cost savings if the project is well-managed and stays within the stipulated quantities. This optimization can often lead to cost savings, as the focus shifts from individual components to the efficiency of the whole system.

Working with WAS is particularly advantageous when opting for lump sum pricing. It encompasses not just individual components but the entire assembly system. This holistic view is ideal for lump sum pricing because it allows for a clear, all-encompassing cost estimation upfront. When you’re dealing with entire systems, it’s easier to define the scope and total cost without worrying about the fluctuating prices of individual pieces.


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Top 3 Benefits Of WAS’s Lump Sum Pricing In Construction For Project Managers

With more than 5,000 completed projects under our belt, the questions we hear most often from project managers are…

How can lump sum pricing maximize my budget?

What’s included with lump sum pricing?

How do I know I can trust WAS’s installers?

1. Budget Predictability

Lump sum pricing makes predicting your budget simpler when you know exactly what to expect. Whether you use one or multiple high-quality brands, we offer lump sum pricing for whichever metal installment components your project needs.

Have your design set using one particular brand? We’ll give you a lump sum price, no problem. And if you would like to use more than one brand for your project, we’ll give you an individual price for lump sum items ordered. If you prefer, we’ll even offer pricing for all of your desired products combined into one comprehensive quote.

Lump sum pricing leaves no loose ends and eliminates surprise totals and fees from reaching your inbox.

2. Less Hassle For Project Managers

Ever worked with a metal panel installer only to find out that the price you received wasn’t comprehensive enough? Your panels arrived but didn’t include clips, fasteners, sealant, and other parts needed for installation. Now, you’re left scrambling to make it all work.

WAS helps you feel confident that everything you need for installation is included and arrives on time and on-site with our lump sum pricing system. We handle some of the most time and money-consuming holdups project managers deal with regularly including:

  • Negotiations with vendors
  • Sudden project changes
  • Backordered or delayed materials
  • Incorrect or not enough ordered materials

Partnering with WAS’s installers ensures that you have everything you need to keep your project going, including all the components to install your product. And because we have a list of trusted vendors we’ve worked with for years, you won’t need to worry about negotiating, tracking down orders, or requesting more information about back-ordered or incorrectly ordered materials. Talk about a game-changer!

3. High-Quality Installers

We represent some of the biggest panel manufacturers in the business like Centria and BEMO. Together, we’ve completed countless multi-million dollar projects in the Greater Houston Area and beyond, including the Callier Center, NASA’s 747 Tower, and the Missouri City Library. Wherever you look in our online portfolio, you’re sure to find a metal panel installation that suits the design you have in mind from the reliable metal panel brands that you know and love.

Set Up Your Commercial Project For Optimal Efficiency With WAS

Wherever you are in your project’s planning, you know that maximizing your budget without cutting corners and compromising safety is essential to you and your investors. We get it – streamlining on our end makes everything easier on yours. This is why our metal panel installation solutions are the best way to avoid any sort of delay in your project that has the potential to push back everyone’s timeline.


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