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Posted January 10th, 2014 by Lenora Hamilton

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A popular building material in Europe for decades, zinc has reached the shores of America and is currently growing in popularity here. Zinc and zinc alloys are a great choice for exterior panels on any type of commercial structure. If you’re not familiar with using zinc panels, keep reading to find out more about this versatile metal and how it can be utilized to create attractive, durable metal wall systems.

Naturally Weather-Resistant

As an element, zinc possesses unique chemical properties that make it an excellent choice for use on the exterior of a building. Zinc is one of the least reactive metal elements and is also very easy to work into useful shapes. Unlike iron and steel, zinc panels do not rust or degrade in the presence of water or oxygen. Acidic substances, such as hydrochloric and sulfuric acids, can etch the surface of zinc, but these substances aren’t usually present in strong enough concentrations in the rainfall in most locations to cause a serious problem. Over time, however, zinc does form a thin coating, or patina, that, unlike rust, protects the surface of the zinc rather than damaging it. This patina is also responsible for the beautiful deepening in the color of zinc as it ages.

Building With Zinc Wall Panels

Zinc alone is too soft to be used on the façade of a building. However, when combined with another metal, such as titanium, aluminum or copper, the properties of the two metals unite to form a durable, weatherproof metal panel. Zinc can also be used as a strong, protective coating on other types of wall panels. The cost of zinc panels is reasonable, especially when compared to lesser-quality metal panel systems that will require frequent maintenance and even replacement over the life of a building. Zinc panels are also environmentally-friendly, helping a structure reduce energy use in all types of weather. Zinc and zinc alloys are also recyclable at the end of their useful life.

Wade Architectural Systems—Your Local Supplier for Zinc Panels

If you’re looking for a metal panel system to cover a building, look no further than Wade Architectural Systems. We’ve supplied contractors and builders with a complete line of architectural metal products for over a quarter of a century, and we carry a full line of high-quality zinc panel systems manufactured by VMZINC®. VMZINC® produces titanium-zinc alloy panels, combining the best properties of both metals to provide superior protection and weather-resistance on any structure. Depending upon the function of the building, panels can be selected that range from utilitarian to architectural. Different panel configurations include corrugated, interlocking and metafor profile designs for a variety of surface appearances. An assortment of metallic and earthtone panel colors are also available, in shades varying from the shiny silver color of natural zinc to black to green. Zinc panels are easy to install, and the team here at Wade Architectural Systems makes installation even easier by providing the necessary fastening systems and connectors to hang the panels in any design configuration you or your client desires.

If you’d like to find out more about using architectural zinc panels on your next construction or remodeling job, contact Wade Architectural Systems today. We’ll be glad to refer you to several local projects completed using metal panel systems that we supplied, provide product samples and give you a price list and customized project estimate.