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Consumers recognize the key benefits of metal panel systems for roofing, but they often aren’t aware that they can also incorporate metal into other areas of a structure. Metal wall panels are growing in popularity for both interior and exterior applications. They’re attractive, durable, easy to care for and available in almost any custom design. The following describes just a few ways metal panel systems are bringing commercial buildings into the 21st century.

Custom Designs for Custom Looks

When business owners are dreaming of something fresh and unique for the exterior of their building, metal is often the right choice. Traditional brick is durable, but it cannot be formed into sleek designs and shapes. Metal can be painted any color and formed many profiles and even custom shapes. This allows individuals to make their building projects stand out by forming exterior shells and envelopes that form peaks, valleys, three-dimensional geometric patterns or elegant swirls and curves. The options are limitless when project teams make the decision to work with metal. Some metal panels can be attached directly to the framing structure and others with sheathing and attachment channels. Metal panels can replace traditional cladding like vinyl or brick. In addition to being easier to maintain, the metal panels are also durable, resistant to fading and eco-friendly.

Rain Screens that Provide Airflow

image of metal panel systems exteriorRecent construction techniques include Rain Screen wall systems in which the exterior metal cladding layer is separated from the waterproofed sheathing and structural layer by a ventilated air space. This design technique has been found more effective in keeping moisture out of exterior walls because the system is allowed to breathe and dry out. Traditional barrier wall approaches are reliant upon sealants at joints between walls and have no ventilated space, therefore if moisture seeps it at joints, it has no way to get out of the wall system and can create interior leaks. Rain Screen wall systems allow for a wide array of configurations of both cladding, insulation, waterproofing and even attachment methods suitable to meet even the most stringent building codes.

In some designs, there’s a need to allow for airflow while offering some protection from rain and the elements, but not complete moisture control. A few examples would include parking garages and outdoor dining areas. When it’s important to protect an area from the elements while still maintaining an open feeling, perforated metal panels are a top choice. Many metal panel systems are also constructed from recycled material, making them an environmentally-friendly option.

Traditional Looks with Modern Materials

image of metal panel systems interiorOther metal wall panel systems are made to fool the eye and closely resemble traditional building materials. Clients can choose panels that look like brick or even wood planks if they want the traditional styling without the extra maintenance. These panels are commonly used in applications where the system needs to be light-weight, low-maintenance or even compliant with fire ratings than wood or other materials can comply. They’re also popular in other traditional settings where the clientele simply prefers the look of wood or brick.

Perfect for Difficult Weather Conditions

Metal has the uncanny ability to withstand harsh weather. Wood can rot in very damp conditions and isn’t always the best choice near the ocean. While brick is very durable, the mortar used to hold it together can be damaged by the changing temperatures and conditions. Metal is one of the most durable choices that is appropriate for any type of climate. It can withstand the bitter cold and the searing heat. As long as properly detailed and installed, metal panels will not be harmed by the moisture, and the systems can perform just as well in very dry climates.

When it’s time to look at new wall claddings for your building project, consider metal panel systems. They’re the best choice for high traffic areas where maintenance requirements need to be reduced. Available in countless custom options, they can be designed in any unique finish to ensure that a building stands out from the surrounding area and commands attention. Wade Architectural Systems is the local supplier for Centria, Dri-Design and VMZINC products in Texas and will be glad to provide you with product samples, budgetary pricing and discuss the specifics of your particular project.