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Posted October 11th, 2013 by Lenora Hamilton

Wood ceiling systems are a smart choice for commercial and industrial settings. They offer many benefits and are a cost-effective option. Commonly used in meeting rooms and other places that require noise control, they’re perfect for restaurants and other loud areas. When planning the overall design or any new structure or renovating an existing one, consider the many benefits of going with wood ceiling systems.

Sound Absorption

Wood ceiling systems are constructed with aluminum cores to keep them lightweight. The aluminum creates the shape and helps cover the ceiling, and the wood absorbs sound to ensure that noise in the room will not echo and reverberate. Individuals can gather for a conference without feeling overwhelmed by noise. Different groups can meet in one larger area without hearing echoing from a distance. In addition to making a space more comfortable, they also work to make it more private.

Sound Blocking

Buildings that are in noisy areas face additional challenges. The sounds of planes taking off from a nearby airport can make it difficult to conduct meetings and focus on business. In the past, businesses had to search for available locations in more quiet areas, but they don’t have to settle for this anymore. With wood ceiling panels, they can enjoy the prime location they need along with the interior peace and quiet they want. In addition to absorbing noise from inside the room, these panels also work to block noise and prevent it from drifting in from outside the room. People walking into the business can leave the noise of a busy street outside and immediately enjoy a quieter, calmer environment. This makes wood ceiling systems a great choice for hotels in busy metropolitan areas, movie theaters that want to control noise and other types of buildings.


The best wood ceiling systems feature aluminum cores that form the perfect shape without increasing the cost. Businesses can still benefit from the sound blocking and absorption features of the wood, but they won’t have to pay nearly as much for the systems. With the lightweight construction, they can also count on the systems being more durable. Most importantly, there’s no need to pay for extra supports to prepare the architecture for this addition. They can be installed in most existing buildings without paying for extensive supports, and they can easily be added to new buildings that are under construction.

Aesthetic Appeal

Wood ceiling systems are also visually attractive. They look stunning in most businesses, and the wood grain adds a luxurious touch to any room. They can be worked into the décor to become an important architectural feature and finishing touch.

There are several benefits to wood ceiling systems. Whether businesses are trying to handle noise or create a certain look, wood ceiling systems are cost-effective, attractive, and reliable. They make spaces more private and enjoyable while adding visual appeal. They can be added to existing buildings without extensive supports, or individuals can have them added to buildings that are under construction. Before looking for a new location or considering other sound control measures, look to wood ceiling systems to take the building to the next level while creating greater sound control.