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Posted February 7, 2014 by Christy Serafini

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Metal wall panels are becoming more popular as a building material for commercial buildings. Metal panels, especially those that come from sustainable materials like used vehicles and other metal recyclables are a more environmentally sound and green choice over many other construction materials. The availability of used metal products gives rise to their emerging popularity as a building material source.

If you are in the process of constructing or considering the building of a commercial property, you should investigate the advantages metal wall panels have in store for you. Metal wall panels may not only meet your building’s structural needs, they may also provide you with a cost-effective alternative to other materials traditionally found in commercial building structures.

Why Consider Metal Wall Panels for your Commercial Building?  

If you are wondering how to incorporate a green footprint within your commercial building, metal wall panels are the solution you should consider. The U.S. generates over 170 million tons of construction and demolition (C&D) materials of which less than 40% is reused in new construction projects. An increase in the reuse of C&D materials such as metal wall panels, has led to incentives by the EPA and others to encourage more builders to consider the use of recycled metal as a way to reduce landfills.

Metal can be reclaimed and processed to meet all of your commercial building needs. In some cases it can be easier to work with than wood, is more flexible and pliable, and has a greater level of strength and resistance to the elements.

The Advantages of Metal Wall Panels  

Strength, durability and longevity are just three of the advantages that metal wall panels have over similarly constructed wall panels. The metal used in the wall panels can be fabricated from a wide array of material including aluminum, steel, zinc, copper and stainless steel. The panels themselves may come from a single roll fabrication process, an insulated system or constructed of a composite metal material. All of these types and processes yield a wall panel that is superior in strength and durability to many other construction materials. The panels can also be manufactured in varying sizes to meet the architectural needs of your commercial building and are a proven cost-effective alternative to other types of wall panels sold in the market.

Are Metal Wall Panels the Future for Commercial Building?  

With more focus and emphasis being placed on the use of recycled metal products, along with the inherent strength and durability of metal wall panels, this particular construction material may be the wave of the future in commercial construction. As an individual who is cost conscious and looking to lower replacement and repair costs for your commercial building, using metal wall panels makes perfect fiscal sense. Metal will last longer than most other materials, is not subject to the same level of disintegration or damage that wood is over time and can add to your green building efforts.