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What type of metal wall panels are recyclable?

There are many types of metal wall panels available for installation as a building’s exterior wall cladding.   Today, rainscreen systems are the most common type of wall assembly in which metal panels are used. The panels are often fabricated out of aluminum or galvanized steel, but can be fabricated out of other materials including zinc, copper, stainless steel and weathering steel.  The most commonly used panels can be single-skin (roll formed or cassette), insulated metal panel systems (IMP) and metal composite materials (MCM). Read more here –

Since 1988, Wade Architectural Systems has provided exterior metals in the architectural market. We offer design and detailing assistance, so the team has the proper guidance needed to select the appropriate metals solutions for the project. We deliver educational presentations to architects and designers, and are an AIA CES registered education provider. We also provide detailed shop drawings and engineering calculations as well as installation training to installers for many of our systems.

What is the Largest Size Available for Metal Wall Panels?

Sizes for metal wall panels will vary depending on the type of panel and manufacturer selected. Structural performance of the panel as well as desire for a panel with minimal oil-canning (appearance of waviness) will also help determine the selection and maximum recommended panel sizes. Availability of standard coil widths as well as dimensional tolerances of manufacturing equipment can also set maximum and minimum dimensions for many panel systems. The largest panel available may not always be the most economical panel for a number of reasons. We are happy to work with design teams in selecting the most appropriate solutions to fulfill requirements set by budget, envelope performance and aesthetics.

One of the metal panels offered by Wade Architectural Systems includes Centria panels. Centria offers the most comprehensive line of pre-fabricated panel options including single-skin, IMP, and MCM panels. Read more about them here –

What are Cost Effective Metal Wall Panels?

Architectural metal panels are often used as a cost-effective way to enhance the aesthetics of a building’s exterior. These type of wall panels include insulated metal panels, composite metal panels, corrugated wall panels and zinc flat lock panels. In most cases, these panels are not only cost effective but can contribute to an energy saving building envelope design. More manufacturers, design/construction teams and owners are far more conscious of the “life-cycle cost” of materials and systems that contribute to the overall environmental footprint of their building over its lifespan.

Wade Architectural Systems offers cost effective metal panels that will augment any building’s aesthetics, eco-friendliness, and durability. Contact Wade Architectural Systems today and find out more about our metal wall panels.