November 4, 2013
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Architectural metal panel systems may sound at first like a costly product choice, but architectural metal is available in a range of options that will appeal to nearly every taste and construction budget. The look of architectural metal adds design flair and visual impact to a project, and metal panels offer many environmental and financial benefits as well. Below are some of the most attractive aspects of architectural metal panels.

Environmental Sustainability

metal panel systems

metal panel systems

Some readers might be surprised to learn that architectural metal cladding is one of the most environmentally responsible construction products on the market. Although the first step to using metal is removing it from the earth, once it has been mined and refined it is an infinitely recyclable material. Most metal panel systems used today include a percentage of recycled content, and some are made entirely from recycled materials. The natural strength of metal means that less material is needed to provide adequate protection from the elements when compared to other commonly used siding products. The reflective properties of many metals help to reduce the thermal heat load on a building, keeping the structure cooler during the heat of summer and reducing energy usage.

Easy Installation

Simply put, metal is one of the easiest cladding materials to install. Unlike natural wood, metal typically does not require pre-drilling and is not prone to cracking and splitting during fastening. Metal panels are also lightweight when compared to other cladding products, requiring less labor to lift into place. Cutting to fit around windows, doors, rooflines and complex façade features is a breeze with metal siding and usually requires the use of hand-operated metal snippers instead of a power saw or specialized cutting tool. Most metal siding products are delivered to the jobsite pre-finished, which eliminates the need for priming, painting or staining after installation.


Architectural metal cladding products are available in a range of different price levels. Metal panels are generally thinner and lighter to transport to a jobsite, reducing transportation and labor costs during a project. Metal panels also last far longer than wood, vinyl and other seemingly cheaper options and are easier to clean and maintain than other types of cladding. Some metals, such as copper and zinc, create their own protective patina and can withstand the even the harshest weather conditions for over a century with minimal maintenance.

Diverse Design Options

The design options for architectural metal are endless. Architectural metal cladding can be used to craft a structure that is the epitome of high-tech design through the innovative usage of colors, complex panel shapes and unique patterns. On the other end of the spectrum, metal cladding products are also available that convey a more traditional appearance.

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