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Posted April 30th, 2014 by Christy Serafini

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When architects are designing new spaces, they have several options for finishing the ceiling. In industrial settings, the ceilings are often left unfinished. With retail space and offices, ceilings are usually covered with drop panels. However, there is an alternative that melds the two and provides a smart appearance that is appropriate for any setting. Wood ceiling systems offer many benefits and are the ideal choice for any large area that needs a finished overhead space that is visually appealing and functional.

Cost-Effective Options

The benefit of an unfinished ceiling is that it drives the cost of construction down. A finished ceiling can be costly, but wood ceiling systems are a smart alternative that is cost-effective. These systems don’t cover the entire ceiling, but they form an attractive pattern that extends across the room and gives it the illusion of a full ceiling. They create a beautiful high-end look without the high price tag.

Acoustical Value

Ceilings are important for controlling noise. Unfinished ceilings are typically seen in warehouse settings, and they’re elevated enough that the noise can dissipate over the larger space. When dealing with a lower ceiling or smaller area, the noise can quickly become an issue. Acoustical ceiling tiles are effective at absorbing noise, but they can look dated. Wood systems have a modern feel and a distinctly current look that most people appreciate. They also absorb sound very well to help meeting rooms feel more private and prevent offices from having a distracting echo effect.

Lightweight Options for All Buildings

Another concern with any ceiling is the additional weight on the structure. While drop panels are lightweight, people often worry that wood structures will cause problems with the ceiling. However, wood systems are not made of solid wood. Instead, they’re manufactured using a metal skeleton covered with a wood skin. This makes them lightweight for easy installation, and business owners won’t have to worry about any structural damage.

Decorative Options

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for finishing ceilings. Every property has its own unique needs that must be met, and owners are each searching for a specific look. Wood ceiling systems are available in both natural and faux wood options. They come in several different species, and the shapes can be customized to suit each individual project. This allows businesses to choose the custom look they love rather than settling for a product that is less than perfect. With customized finishes and designs, property owners can choose the ideal look for any setting.

Durability Over Traditional Options

Another great benefit of wood ceiling systems is that they’re considered more durable than drop-panel acoustic ceilings. While traditional panels are typically available in attractive white or off-white, they’re known for yellowing over time. This can be avoided with wood systems that will never discolor or yellow. They require less maintenance, and they last longer. This allows businesses to enjoy the finished ceiling they need without the high expense of replacing damaged tiles in the future.

When designing a business or investing in a remodel, business owners should take a closer look at wood ceiling systems. They can be used to create ambiance or complete the look of any room. They are ideal in commercial settings where noise control is needed, and their durability makes them an excellent choice. A cost-effective alternative to sheetrock or drop panels, they are growing in popularity as people discover the many benefits of wood ceiling systems.