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Posted March 13th, 2014 by Christy Serafini

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Zinc roofing enjoyed a brief period of popularity in the United States in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries but fell out of favor when cheaper asphalt shingles and membrane roofing products caught on in the years following World War II. However, zinc is once again becoming a popular commercial roofing option due to its many benefits.

A Look to Suit Every Building

Another reason behind the rise in popularity of zinc roofing is the manner in which this high-end material complements every style of architecture. Traditional standing seam panels can be employed to impart a classic look while embossed zinc panels imitate the look of modern metal tiles.

Easy to Form

When used as a component in a metal alloy, zinc improves the malleability and ductility of a metal panel. These innate properties make zinc-based roofing panels an excellent choice for use on a unique roofline because they can be easily manipulated into many different shapes and configurations. Curves, vaults and eclectic modern architecture can all be covered beautifully by roofing manufactured from zinc and zinc alloys.

Resistant To Moisture and Rust

In the minds of some consumers, all metal roofing is considered to be prone to rust. However, the unique properties of zinc include resistance to this destructive form of corrosion. Zinc is much less reactive in the presence of water and air than either iron or copper, making it an ideal choice for a location frequently exposed to moisture, like a roof. In fact, over time, zinc roofing develops a patina over the entire surface that provides further protection from moisture and abrasion.

Sustained Performance

When properly installed, the service life of a zinc roof rivals that of slate and tile. Zinc roofing has been known to last well over 100 years in Europe, thanks in part to the development of the patina that protects the surface from damage.

Completely Renewable

Zinc roofing is an ideal choice for a green building or green remodeling project. Many zinc roofing products include at least a percentage of recycled material, and zinc, like all other types of architectural metal, is recyclable when the building is re-roofed or demolished.

Locally Available

All the benefits of zinc roofing are pointless if the material is not available in your area. However, Wade Architectural Systems is local supplier serving contractors in Texas and Oklahoma with high-quality VMZINC roofing systems. VMZINC products are manufactured in a range of different colors and styles that will set any structure upon which they are installed into a class by itself.

To learn more about the different ways zinc roofing can improve your next commercial building project, contact Wade Architectural Systems, your local supply house for all types of interior and exterior metal panels. We will be glad to provide you with product samples and design specifications for the zinc roofing products we supply. Call us for an appointment at your convenience.