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Posted May 10, 2014 by Christy Serafini

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In a world where energy conservation and efficient budgeting are high on the list of many business’ concerns, more and more companies are sitting down to take a look at options that will save them both time and money in the short and long run. One excellent way to do both is with the use of metal wall panel systems in commercial construction. Not only can they be visually pleasing, they are also low maintenance and incredibly cost effective.

Pleasing to the Eye

With a variety of options available, metal wall panel systems can create an attractive visual. With a variety of options in finishing, a building can be as unique or as outstanding as the company desires. Copper, steel, aluminum, titanium, and zinc offer many different colors and textures for exteriors to enhance the look of the building. Ridges or smooth planes create a look specific to your company and can even accommodate the logo and color scheme to make a strategic marketing statement. Panels can also be installed at varying distances from the building, creating a slightly detached look to pull the eye and grab attention.

Energy Efficiency

Many companies and businesses are taking a closer look at their budget in terms of energy use. Metal panels can play a large part in reducing such costs as they add an extra layer of protection. Insulated panels are designed to add to the efficiency of a structure by keeping the cool air out during the winter and fall months and in during the warmer seasons. This keeps the cost of heating and cooling to a minimum in order to help not only the budget, but the environment as well.

Easy Maintenance

With metal wall panel systems constructed from materials that are naturally resistant to the elements, caring for them can be relatively easy. Finishes can be added to the exterior panels to make them even more durable and to fight off corrosion that may build up over time, leading to easy and cost effective maintenance. Metal panels are usually installed to promote the flow of air behind the panel to allow the material to breath. This helps to move any dirt or moisture along, preventing debris from becoming lodged and allowing water to dry or evaporate on its own rather than lingering to help produce mold. To prevent wear and tear and preserve the finishing, panels should be cleaned from time to time to wash away dirt that may adhere to the outer wall.

Along with durability, metal panel systems have a delightfully long lifespan, often lasting a hundred years or longer, and outlasting other types of siding materials. In addition, metal panels are made to allow give and take, moving more flexibly to accommodate the natural movement of taller buildings and structures as they sway with wind loads.

Design does not have to suffer, given the variety of metals, colors and extra finishing touches that can easily be added upon request. Whether the goal is to manage costs of expenses more efficiently or to enhance or change up the look of a structure or building, metal wall panels can do a great deal in both departments.