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Who Offers Economical Architectural Metal Panels?

Wade Architectural Systems offers quality, affordable architectural metal panels, something we have been doing since 1988. Our main office is located just outside of Houston, Texas, with additional representation in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We have been involved in more than 2,500 projects all over the United States, with our primary focus is in the state of Texas. We are a service-minded company, offering design and detailing assistance, educational presentations, engineering drawings, calculations and test reports.

Wade Architectural Systems specializes in metal wall and roofing systems and high-end, custom commercial ceilings. When specifying metal panel systems, selecting panels designed to incorporate the best dry-joint techniques for installation offer superior resistance to moisture intrusion into the wall system over traditional wet joint applications, which rely on sealants to control rainwater. We offer a variety of dry-joint metal system and finish options through Centria, Dri-Design and VMZINC. We are a registered AIA CES continuing education provider, which offers us the ability to better serve architects and specifiers by offering courses that help to answer common questions related to specification of exterior metal systems. If you or your firm would like to participate in a seminar at our office or yours, simply give us a call and we will set it up.

Where Can I Buy Architectural Metal Panels?

There are plenty of metal wall panel companies that specialize in custom-engineered high tech wall cladding systems. It largely depends on where you are and how fast you need the job done. It would be best to search for a local company, or at least one within your own state, for job completion within a timely manner. In addition, check out the company’s reputation by looking at reviews and listening to other clients that have utilized a company’s services and see what they have to say. Word of mouth can sometimes be better advertising than a television commercial.

If you are looking for a company that offers architectural metal panels in Texas, Wade Architectural Systems is the perfect source. We employ a team of seasoned professionals that have expertise in metal wall, roofing and ceiling design to assist both design and construction teams in selecting and procuring the most appropriate system to suit your project needs. Our company partners with industry leaders who produce high-quality metal systems to offer solutions for visually pleasing exteriors, balanced with installation strategies that are more cost-effective than others. We offer assistance to the design team in selection of systems that will help the project comply with LEED certification requirements and other sustainable characteristics. We also offer training programs to installers through some of our key manufacturing partners that allow a more thorough understanding of system installation and characteristics of the materials.

Who Offers the Best Architectural Metal Panels?

Wade Architectural Systems strives to offer the very best architectural metal panels available on the market. For instance, we are a long-time source for Centria Panels to contractors and installers. Centria systems provide superior performance, aesthetics and have many sustainable attributes. An industry-leader in advanced thermal and moisture protection, Centria also offers a wide range of profiles, colors and textures, lending the client an array of options to express their creativity. - Read more about them here.

Our manufacturing partners include:

  • Dri-Design Metal Wall System
  • Centria
  • Ceilings Plus
  • Construction Specialties Louvers and Sunshades
  • Wilkinson Hi-Rise Chutes
  • Epic Metals

Wade Architectural Systems provides architectural metal panels made with a variety of metals alloys. Many of our systems are available in galvanized steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, weathering steel, stainless steel, and custom alloys. Zinc panels are relatively new to the North American market, but have been used successfully in Europe for well over 150 years. We focus in complete envelope solutions that satisfy the most demanding aesthetic requirements without compromising the building performance. We also provide solutions for sun control, air movement, moisture protection, smart walls and assistance with LEED Certified projects.

We provide high quality systems for a wide range of project budgets. We encourage designers and contractors to call on us early in the design process so that we may offer appropriate options and budgetary pricing that will meet the expectations of the project team. If you would like to learn more, contact us today for more information.