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AC Hotel by Marriott

designed by HKS Architects, is a 6-story building with 176 guest rooms and is the third American location for the AC Hotel brand. AC Hotel Irvine is the first of its kind in Southern California and is centralized in the heart of Park Place a thriving community located within 1 mile of the John Wayne Airport for traveling guest. This European brand stays true to its heritage through modern design and innovative touches throughout the hotel from social to private spaces.
Psychology is a part of every design. Scientist have studied the impact of interior design elements and the emotional response it evokes in people both positive and negative. Ask yourself the questions: How does it make me feel? Is it comfortable? Does it evoke pride are questions you should be asking when designing for the public?
HKS Architects focused on design elements that complemented both AC Hotels heritage and Los Angeles surrounding neighbors to unite the elements in a positive and a warm relaxing atmosphere. One of the main focal points located in the main lobby is Ceilings Plus “Parti metal panels. The parametric-driven design used in these panels generates energy flow and balance with natural elements (earth water wood metal and fire) creating interest and depth. The decorative metal elements promote strength and independence as a first impression when entering the hotel

Ceilings Plus Parti 

Ceiling Plus’s Partí collection used in the design of the AC Hotel uses data driven patterns on the surface of the wall that are a result of parametric modeling. ​The design concept started with an aerial photo of the neighborhood where the hotel is located and Ceilings Plus used parametric-patterning to create the image. The panels were then backlit to produce more illusion and depth to the overall wall designs.
So what is parametric design?  “It is about the use of variables and algorithms to generate a hierarchy of mathematical and geometric relations that allow you to generate a certain design and explore the whole range of possible solutions the initial parameters may allow.”

“The algorithmic thinking enables the expression of parameters and rules that together define encode and clarify the relationship between design intent and design response.”

Parametric modeling is changing the future of design and architect firms all over the world are dabbling in the processes. The movement has grown and matured over the past 15 years and emerged as a global force in the design communities. If you would like to know more about Ceilings Plus and how this new technology can help your project please contact Wade Architectural Systems.

Wade Architectural Systems is a team of professionals with expertise in Metal Wall Roof and Ceiling Designs. Established in 1988 to serve the architectural market in exterior metals we are known throughout the industry for providing the best quality products. To maintain this level of quality we personally research every manufacture to ensure their product meet the standards. Wade Architectural Systems believes Ceilings Plus upholds the highest standards while providing the best design qualities on every project.

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