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If you’re in the process of planning or designing a large commercial building and you’re not already familiar with Ceilings Plus panel systems, it’s time to learn more about how the various product lines manufactured by Ceilings Plus can be used to create a unique ceiling customized to the specifications of any structure. Keep reading to learn more about Ceilings Plus and how Ceilings Plus metal ceiling panels can be incorporated into any type of building.

High-Quality Products

Ceilings Plus architectural metal panels are manufactured from premium virgin and recycled materials according to the highest industry standards. All product lines include customized fastening systems and can be purchased with optional extras like light coverings, duct coverings, trim pieces, transitional borders and column covers designed specifically for use with each type of panel. Ceilings Plus panel systems also help protect the indoor air quality of a building because they require no on-site painting or coating and are mechanically fastened in place instead of employing chemical-based glues. Panels are free of formaldehyde and factory-finished in ways that minimize the use of chemicals that seep into the air over time and compromise the health of individuals who live and work inside the structure.

Numerous Styles and Options

Metal ceiling panels may sound like something intended for use in industrial warehouses and factories, but Ceilings Plus panel systems are a far cry from simple metal sheets lined up overhead. Ceilings Plus products are available in nearly limitless colors, styles and configurations. Whether your building conveys a modern, futuristic look or a more traditional appearance, Ceilings Plus has a family of products that will mesh seamlessly. Some product lines are designed to curve and sweep in three dimensions, while others form geometric or random patterns intended to create a visual impact. Wood-laminated panels are also available that may be used as conventional ceiling panels or to create a surprisingly contemporary twist in an otherwise traditional structure like a church or office building.

Competitive Pricing

The bottom line is important on any construction project. Ceilings Plus products allow a contractor to produce a final product that looks great without cutting any corners. Panel systems are available in a range of prices that vary depending on the materials chosen, the finishes used and the complexity of the overall design. The use of attractive, high-quality products like Ceilings Plus panels are also an effective marketing point when it comes to leasing or selling space in the building and help to cut down on long-term maintenance costs.

Outstanding Service

Both Ceilings Plus and your local Ceilings Plus supplier, Wade Architectural Systems, take pride in serving each client with effective communication and good customer service. The mission statement of Ceilings Plus includes a commitment to honesty, integrity and reliability. Wade Architectural Systems is the local supplier for Ceilings Plus products in the states of Texas and Oklahoma and is backed up by more than 25 years in the architectural metal business. If you’d like professional advice to help you determine the right architectural metal products to bring out the best in your upcoming commercial building project, the team at Wade Architectural Systems is ready to help by providing samples and design specifications for each of the different panel lines.

For more information about specific Ceilings Plus products, visit Wade Architectural System’s website or call us today. We’ll be glad to arrange a meeting at your convenience to look over your plans and discuss your specific expectations regarding the finished look of your project.