October 25, 2023
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For over 80 years the Texas Society of Architects (TxA) has brought designers, visionaries, and, of course, architects together. They give people in these professions a collective voice.

As our team plans to attend the TxA’s 84th Annual Conference and Design Expo in Fort Worth, Texas, we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to look at the TxA’s history and growth over time – and why it matters to Wade Architectural Systems.

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Our Involvement With The Texas Society Of Architects

As metal panel specialists, we must continually update ourselves on the latest trends and movements in architecture. That’s why one of the events we attend on an annual basis is the 84th TxA Annual Conference. Learn about the event’s hosts, our reasons for attending, and our expected benefits to improve client service.

Who Is The Texas Society Of Architects?

As a part of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Texas Society of Architects was founded in 1939. It is one of the nation’s largest organizations for the architectural profession and is a vital voice in the community with 18 regional components and 7,200 members. Headquartered in the Lone Star State’s capital in Austin, the TxA’s mission is to support the creation of safe, beautiful, and sustainable environments.

As a whole, the organization has roots dating back to the 1800s and is formerly known as the Texas State Association of Architects. Following its foundation, in 1951, the Texas Society of Architects received its charter as a part of the American Institute of Architects.

What Is The TxA Annual Conference?

Every year, the TxA hosts a conference welcoming established and new architect professionals to come together and connect, listen, and learn. From keynote speakers and informative sessions to tours and product launches, it’s a time for architects at every stage of their career to discuss what they love – architecture and its future.

What To Expect At The 84th TxA Annual Conference

Each year, thousands of industry professionals join this 3-day event that’s considered one of the largest architectural product showcases in the Southwest. People also gather to fulfill the required credits for licensure and to feel inspired and refreshed for the upcoming year.

Conference Speakers

This year’s theme is “Emerge” with keynote speakers; Jared Della Valle (FAIA) from Alloy Development, Billie Tsien (AIA) from Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects, and Michael Murphy from MASS Design Group. Registration is open for both AIA members and non-members.

Award Presentations: TxA O’Neil Ford Honor Award

During the 84th TxA Annual Conference, we’ll also see the new awardee of the O’Neil Ford Honor Award. O’Neil Ford (1905-1982) was a leading American Southwest architect famous for Little Chapel in the Woods in Denton, the University of Texas at San Antonio’s main campus, and Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

Established in 2015 by the TxA, the O’Neil Ford Award recognizes individual architects for their outstanding achievements in architectural design. Awarded designs must be showcased in a body of work over a 20-year minimum period. Former recipients of this award include:

  • Mell Lawrence of Austin in 2020
  • Gary Cunningham of Dallas in 2019
  • David Lake and Ted Flato of San Antonio in 2018
  • Max Levy of Dallas in 2017
  • Chris Carson of Dallas and Boone Powell of San Antonio in 2016
  • Frank D. Welch of Dallas in 2015

All TxA Design, Studio, and Honor award recipients are recognized at its Annual Conference and Design Expo.

Come see us at this conference this fall.

Architecture & Construction Exhibitors

Another big reason to attend this annual conference is to meet the faces behind vendors, suppliers, distributors, and thought leaders in the industry. The over 1,500 attendees expected to walk on the Expo floor may even find new partners that help them better serve their clients. This is one of the best opportunities of the year to expand your architectural network.

Creating Cohesive Designs With WAS

Wade Architectural Systems routinely works closely with other commercial architectural and construction industry professionals throughout Texas. This is why it’s essential for us to show up, meet the next generation of designers, and remain connected to those we’ve worked with in the past.

It’s important for those in our industry to remain collaborative, informed, and aligned with the mission the TxA represents – supporting the creation of safe, beautiful, and sustainable environments.

We truly enjoy speaking to conference attendees about WAS’s exterior and interior application solutions and full-service project management services. Because, after more than 30 years in business with over 5,000 completed projects in our portfolio, we’ve nearly seen and done it all.

WAS specializes in managing large-scale projects, ranging from state-of-the-art academic and medical facilities to government and entertainment buildings. These projects have a lasting impact on the surrounding area for years to come.  That’s why we’re so proud of the high-quality products and services we provide.

Both our team and products add more than meets the eye for commercial projects including:

  • Energy and cost-efficient benefits
  • Superior quality manufacturers
  • Extensive knowledge of the market and requirements
  • Metal architectural trends

WAS Is Always Moving Forward

It’s our job to support a design’s aesthetic with products we confidently stand behind. Attending this year’s 84th Annual Conference in November allows us to share our business, experiences, and products with its attendees. In addition, it helps us in our mission to promote sustainable and durable metal products for tomorrow’s commercial designs.

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