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Posted February 3rd, 2014 by Lenora Hamilton

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If you’re looking for a metal panel system that offers a combination of high performance and superior aesthetics, Centria insulated metal panels may be just what you’ve been seeking. There are many reasons you should consider incorporating high-quality Centria panels in your next construction project.

Superior Protection

Few construction materials stand up better to wind and rain than metal. Centria panels provide the strength and flexibility to withstand high winds while offering superior protection from even heavy, driving rains. Metal panel systems also last longer than many other types of building siding and won’t crack, peel or shrink even in the harshest sunlight. Centria panels can be delivered with insulation already included as part of the panel, eliminating the step of installing separate insulation during construction. Because average temperatures vary from location to location, different insulation thicknesses are available to fit the unique needs of every climate zone.

Wide Variety of Aesthetic Options

Metal panels have come a long way from the plain, utilitarian designs that were once the only choices. Centria panel systems come in a wide variety of colors and patterns to suit any structure
and surrounding environment. Classic metallic shades are still popular, and brightly colored finishes in a range of hues are also available that can be mixed and matched for nearly limitless possibilities. Panels that feature texture and corrugation also provide additional design options. Most Centria panels are designed to be installed vertically or horizontally depending upon the look desired and different profiles can be mixed and matched to delineate and differentiate portions of a larger structure.

Environmentally Responsible

Centria takes pride in producing metal panels using methods that protect the environment. The environmentally-friendly processes Centria employs have earned the company awards from several environmental organizations, including the Green Building Alliance. When used to enclose a large building, insulated Centria metal panels also reduce the energy usage associated with heating and cooling, and most Centria products are recyclable at the end of their useful life.

Long-Term Savings

Centria provides products in a variety of price ranges to fit any construction budget. The quantity and complexity of the panels required and the style of panels selected are the chief determiners of the cost of any Centria panel system. When it comes to long-term performance, metal siding is cost-effective because it requires less maintenance and offers a longer service life than many other varieties of exterior sheathing. The expense of providing climate control for a building with adequately insulated metal panels is also much lower than for buildings without the benefit of such protection, making insulated metal a smart siding choice for a green building.

Locally Available

With more than 25 years in the architectural metal business, Wade Architectural Systems is the local supplier for a full range of Centria metal panel systems. We’re standing by to act as your design and construction partner, and we’ll help you select the right product for any structural or architectural application.

For more information about using Centria on your next structure, contact the team at Wade Architectural Systems today. We can supply you with samples of various Centria product lines and work with you from the initial planning phases through project completion to ensure a result you and your clients will be happy with.