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Posted June 6th, 2014 by Christy Serafini

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Metal is one of the most essential materials when it comes to everything from building and construction projects to interior design and furnishings. Perforated metal panels, in particular, offer numerous benefits and are used for a multitude of things. If you’re a business owner, perforated metals are a great option for your business.

What are Perforated Metals?

Known by a variety of names, including perforated sheet, perforated screen, and stamping plates, perforated metal panels are sheets of metal which have holes punched in them, creating a design much like that of a cheese grater, although without the raised edges, reducing the weight and adding design in to the building material itself. Perforated metals can be created using a variety of materials. Most commonly, steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, stainless steel, or bronze.

Benefits of Perforated Metal Panels

Perforated metal panels are incredibly versatile, which is why they’re so often chosen for a variety of different projects and functions. Most perforated metals, especially ones made from steel, offer structure, support, flexibility, and lightweight strength all at the same time. Additionally, perforated metals are also often chosen for their ability to provide structure or support while also allowing things like heat, air, or sunlight to pass through. HVAC systems and perforated sunshades are good examples of this.

The Many Uses of Metal Panels

Perforated metals are used in nearly every business and industry in the United States. Thanks to their ability to serve many different functions, perforated metals are often the first thing turned to for interior design, ceilings, furnishings, screening or fencing, the façades of buildings, HVAC systems, sunscreens, and more. In fact, perforated metals are so versatile that they’ve even been used in the food processing industry for things like filters and conveyor belts, hop screens for brewing, and for wine presses.

Choosing Perforated Metal Panels for Your Business

If you’re planning a construction project or remodeling endeavor for your business, perforated metal panels should be your first choice, regardless of the type of project you are embarking on. Perforated metals can be made in a number of different colors, sizes, and styles, and can of course be manufactured with your personal preference of metal.

Depending upon your particular business needs, you can choose a metal that’s more flexible, stronger, more lightweight, or more durable. However, the majority of metals that are chosen for perforation purposes are durable; the differences come mainly in color and look. Another cool thing about perforated metals is that the perforation can occur in a way that creates a graphic image. For example, if you want a business logo on the metal sheet, the perforated holes can be created in to have your logo be created through the perforation.

Another reason to choose perforated metals is that perforated panels help to keep water out, while allowing air and light in, making them the perfect choice for ventilation systems.

If you’re still unconvinced about the benefits of perforated metals for your business needs, it’s time to talk to a professional. The experts at Wade Architectural Systems can provide you more information regarding whether or not perforated metals are the right choice for your next construction project, and can assist you with all your project needs.