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Posted September 1st, 2014 by Christy Serafini

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Commercial structures are commonly using perforated metal panels and becoming popular with designers and architects due to their versatility. Good as a small layer of protection against open-air structures as well as an added protection against weather for materials such as glass or insulation, perforated panels can be beneficial in a wide variety of ways, depending on the project or desired look.

Why Perforation?

Perforated metal panels are available from Wade Architectural Systems in a variety of colors, sizes, textures and styles. While sheets of metal with small holes in them may seem counter productive, the perforation serves a purpose. Open air structures, such as parking garages, can benefit from the protection these panels offer. The holes in the sheets allow the free flow of air to move through, ventilating the space so that mold and mildew are less likely to become a problem. They also provide a measure of light to the interior, brightening up the space.

An Extra Layer of Protection

These metal panels are not just for stand-alone exterior use. They are also excellent as an extra envelope of protection for regular siding. During the installation process, a small space is left between the panel and the regular siding, which gives air the opportunity to keep the building protected by drying any natural perspiration, leftover rainwater, and general condensation, lowering the chance of corrosion or mold. In addition, the metal panels can provide a measure of temperature control, keeping hot air in during the winter and out during the summer so that businesses can better manage their utility bills.

Eco-Friendly Architecture

For many corporations, ‘going green’ is becoming an essential everyday practice. For those who are environmentally aware, perforated panels are an excellent choice. Metal building materials, no matter the shape, are completely recyclable. Perforated metal panels are also relatively low maintenance, requiring only a small amount of care for upkeep. Not only will they help to save money on utility bills, but they can also benefit care costs, and are very reasonably priced, making them cost effective in every sense of the word.

Don’t Forget the Design

For any business to be successful, the housing structure must be aesthetically pleasing, and while metal used to be relegated to tool sheds and industrial warehouses, the stance on architectural design with metal panels is shifting. A variety of colors, textures and styles are available to suit individual tastes, and the design teams at Wade Architectural Systems work very closely with their clients to provide nothing but the best for each specific structure. Perforated metal panels are a unique designing material. Some of the metal can be cut or punched away to create a shape or a graphic image so that a business might display their logo directly on their building. Colors can even be coordinated to match for an extra marketing boost.

Perforated metal panels are an excellent choice for nearly any business. It is time to think outside the box and move beyond traditional building exterior materials. Stand out and provide clients with the initial impression of boldness. Wade Architectural Systems offers only the best in customer service, and provides support and advice from the first part of the process to the last. Consider metal panel systems for your next building project and find out why others are raving about the benefits.