July 4, 2014
July 4, 2014 admin

Architectural exterior says a great deal about a company. The type of metal panel systems used, the color, the design can all be shaped to reflect the personality, direction, and even the values of the corporation the building houses. For some, this may be a difficult puzzle. For Houston companies, one of the best options is working with Wade Architectural Systems, a company who offers a wide range of styles, colors, materials and more in their selection of metal panel systems.

Metal Wall Panels

These types architectural metal panel systems are, essentially, exactly what their name advertises. They are metal panels placed on the exterior of a building. On occasion, they decorate interior spaces as well, even ceiling panels with the new Ceilings Plus line. They are becoming a more and more popular choice over the standard brick, wood, or plaster, and they are proving to be very energy efficient. In a world where ‘going green’ matters a great deal, businesses are looking to companies that can offer them the best eco-friendly option available. Not only do these metal panel systems come in a variety of different types of materials, but they come in different textures, colors, sizes and types. Thermal insulation, easy maintenance and additional advertising are just a couple of the perks that come with exteriors made of metal wall panels.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The idea of metal as an exterior material used to bring warehouses and sheds to mind. This is no longer the case. With special finishes and textures, wall panel systems offer a wide array of different looks, ranging from metal to wood to regular siding. Special colors can be incorporated to match the business logo and jazz up the exterior for a little extra marketing. With such options, companies can blend into their surroundings or be as unique as they like. Working with a design team can bring interesting new ideas to the table, such as staggered placement. Have the architects install the panels at various distances from the building, giving it a look that is sure to grab attention.

Long Lasting and Low Maintenance

Metal wall panels have more going for them than just good looks. With so much emphasis put on budget and smart spending, thought must go into how long the material will last and how much money needs to go into maintenance. The more money saved, the better, and with wall panel systems, this is a win-win solution. In addition to being affordable and visually outstanding, metal wall panelsĀ  are made from material that is naturally resistant to wear and tear from weather.

Metals such as zinc, aluminum, steel, copper, and titanium are naturally resistant to the elements, and installed with a cushion of air between the building and the panel to allow the flow of wind. This promotes easy access to dislodge debris that may become stuck or allow condensation to dry without much hassle. Panels with extra insulation, such as Centria panels, can also help keep the costs of heating and cooling down during the harsher months in summer and winter.

For businesses and corporations looking to make a statement, Wade Architectural Systems offers the very best in customer care, product, and pricing. Consider metal panel systems for your exterior building project and time and money will be well invested for a unique look that speaks to and about the business in all the right ways.