June 23, 2014
June 23, 2014 admin

Acoustics are an important feature in any room. When designing interior space, business owners often have a list of must haves that they operate with, and whether they are working with an auditorium or a conference room, an office or a meeting hall, acoustics matter. To understand why they matter, a few key questions need to be answered. What are acoustics and how do they work? Ceilings Plus offers specialized products to get the best sound acoustics for your venue. For each individual, the answer may vary, but in the end, it all comes down to science.

What are Acoustics?

For many, ‘acoustics’ is a word associated with music. People tend to think of a gentle ballad with no embellishments. Just the singer and his guitar on a bonus soundtrack. However, that is just one piece of the definition. Quite simply, the acoustics of a room deal with the manner in which sound is carried from one side to the other, and how the sound waves are absorbed into the fabric of the floor, the walls, and the ceiling. Ceilings Plus can provide a room which has good acoustics, meaning sound can travel and disperse without a great deal of effort, increasing the quality of sound.

Helpful Architecture

Knowing the right materials to use to decorate a room is a big help when it comes to finding the perfect acoustics. The materials needed to keep sound from traveling, for example, would be vastly different from the materials needed to project sound across a larger distance. The architects at Wade Architectural Systems, a Houston based company, are well versed in both interior and exterior work. Not only do they offer wall panels that meet the needs of their clients, they also offer ceiling tiles that can aid greatly in the use of natural acoustics. The design teams work closely with their clients to provide nothing less than the best in both design, product, installation, and care.

Appealing Design

The aesthetics of ceiling tiles offered through Wade Architectural Systems, as with all of their other products, are top of the line. In addition to a variety of materials, these ceiling tiles come different finishes and textures as well, allowing businesses to pick a design scheme that is as unique or as traditional as desired. In addition to the different colors and materials offered, Wade Architectural Systems work with their clients to bring unique ideas to the table in the design process. Create a visually striking look by offsetting panels, giving the walls and ceilings a 3D quality and grab clients’ or customers’ attention from the moment they walk through the door. Businesses can even work in the colors of their logo as a bit of marketing strategy.

Whether businesses are looking for ceiling tiles to fit a large room, a giant auditorium, or a small conference room, there is something for everyone with Ceilings Plus, offered through Wade Architectural Systems. Houston companies will be able to have a hand in their interior design plans. Find the right fit for your business offices or conference rooms and make a statement that is sure to set the business apart in people’s minds.