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Who is My Local Ceilings Plus Rep?

Wade Architectural Systems is your Ceilings Plus representative in Texas and Oklahoma, with offices in Houston and Dallas. We proudly offer their ceiling and wall systems to design teams who are looking for a system with great design flexibility and a wide array of finish options. Ceilings Plus delivers on commitments and celebrates their many successes while creating an environment of responsive communication for customers. Their loyalty to customers matches our own - dedicated and strong. For more on their products and services, click this link - http://www.ceilingsplus.com/.

To allow designers to fully realize their conceptual designs, Ceilings Plus creates ceiling and wall surfaces that are not limited to traditional rectilinear, 2-D shapes. Total design flexibility is achieved with systems that can accommodate convex and concave curves, polygons and polyhedra, second and third dimensions, as well as infinite finish and perforation options. Ceilings Plus also incorporates Building Information Modeling (BIM) into the production process. Their systems are created from 3-D data for each project. By using this data, they can manufacture panels for custom, complex designs using the proper speed and precision while maintaining precision and detecting potential conflicts.

To learn more about all of the product options manufactured by Ceilings Plus, contact Cynthia Ortiz at Wade Architectural Systems.

Is Ceilings Plus Durable?

Ceilings Plus is proud to produce systems that are durable and easy to maintain throughout the project life-cycle. Ceilings Plus panels are prefabricated and release zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on the project site.

Ceilings Plus panels are manufactured with aluminum, containing up to 98 percent recycled content. The panels have no-added formaldehyde and are VOC-free. Most systems are fully accessible and offer an outstanding life-cycle value.

Wade Architectural Systems provides durable panels that will last a lifetime while making an improvement on the aesthetics of your building. We are committed to bringing you top-quality products and services, so contactors and installers will have the very best at their disposal. For excellent ceiling products, call Wade Architectural Systems.

Who has the Best Price on Ceilings Plus Systems?

Wade Architectural Systems is the TX & OK rep for Ceilings Plus. We are dedicated to providing fair pricing to our customers and aim to build longstanding relationships with area installers. Through us, you can get affordable curved panels with their RadiansĀ®, modular, accessible shapes with Illusions, modular panels with Multiples and Runaways , and linear shapes with Barz , Planx and Mirra. We provide the most affordable options when it comes to custom ceiling solutions, including wood ceiling systems. Find out more here - http://www.interiorsandsources.com/.

Wade Architectural Systems always provides superior service when assisting designers, contractors and installers with selection of excellent products for ceilings systems. In addition to ceiling products, we also offer architectural metal panels made with zinc, aluminum and stainless, galvanized steel. Give us a call today and let us find an affordable ceiling option for you with Ceilings Plus products.