January 3, 2014
January 3, 2014 admin

Wilkinson Hi-Rise a Trusted Name for Trash Chutes

High-rise buildings provide many positive benefits for the communities in which they are located. These super-size structures allow a crowded city to maximize prime commercial property. They provide office and business space for hundreds or even thousands of workers in a convenient, central location. However, working in a high-rise building can present several logistical challenges, including daily trash disposal. A trash chute is often a necessity in a large modern building. It provides a convenient way for workers to dispose of trash and keeps the building’s interior space clean and sanitary.

The Need for Trash Chutes

Americans generate over four pounds of trash a day on average. Much of this waste comes from offices and other commercial buildings. Even in a modest-sized high-rise office building, removing trash can tie up a significant amount of time and money. Adding a trash chute as part of a building’s original design can lead to significant savings over the life of the structure. These savings benefit the building manager or the companies that occupy the building. A trash chute serves as a selling point, encouraging clients to lease space in a large commercial building. Although it is possible to retrofit some high-rise buildings with a trash chute after construction, a more forward-thinking course of action is to include a chute in the original design to prevent the disruption and cost of adding one at a later date.

Wilkinson Hi-Rise—A Trusted Professional

Wilkinson Hi-Rise has been in the business of providing high-quality trash and linen chutes since 1923. They constructs all chutes from heavy-duty, 16-gauge aluminized steel. Each Wilkinson Hi-Rise trash chute features a self-closing, bottom-hinged door at each building level, which secures it to prevent unauthorized access. Optional design features include the addition of sound dampening material to reduce noise from the chute and a cleaning system that regularly cleans and deodorizes the interior surfaces of the chute. In keeping with the modern move toward environmental responsibility, Wilkinson Hi-Rise also provides recycling chutes that allow workers to separate paper, plastic and other recyclables from the regular waste stream. We customize recycling chutes to meet local and state ordinances, accommodating up to seven different types of recyclable materials in the same building.

Wade Architectural Systems—Your Local Wilkinson Hi-Rise Supplier

Wade Architectural Systems is pleased to offer Wilkinson Hi-Rise trash, linen and recycling chutes to the public. We are the authorized supplier of Wilkinson Hi-Rise products to clients throughout Oklahoma and Texas. Our team works with building designers and architects to ensure each chute is properly sized and incorporated into the building’s structural and aesthetic aspects. Wade Architectural Systems also specializes in all types of architectural metal products. These include decorative metal ceiling and wall panels, perforated metal siding, and exterior raincladding systems.

If you are in the planning and design phases of a high-rise commercial structure, contact Wade Architectural Systems. Get more information about durable, convenient Wilkinson Hi-Rise chute systems for your building. We will be glad to discuss the specifics of a particular project or provide general information about these high-quality products.