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ceiling plus products

ceiling plus products

The products offered by Ceilings Plus are a far cry from the usual boring, unimaginative ceilings found in many buildings. As the name suggests, Ceilings Plus specializes in high quality interior ceiling and walls panels, and offers product lines that range from traditional to cutting-edge modern. Ceiling and wall panels are fabricated to push the limits of interior design to a new level. Ceilings Plus’s engineered aluminum and wood veneer ceiling panel product lines are designed to imitate the look of commonplace materials such as wood and stainless steel but without the structural limitations of these materials. Keep reading to find out more about Ceilings Plus and Wade Architectural Systems, a local Texas supplier of Ceilings Plus products.

Ceiling Products—From High-Tech to Traditional

Many modern buildings are not constrained by the typical lines and angles found in more traditional architecture. Ceilings Plus products are ideal for these modern structures. Ceiling panels manufactured in a range of vertical and horizontal curves and multi-dimensional levels conform to even the most free-form building design, while the different finishes and hues create eye-catching displays of color and visual interest. Just as every building is an individual expression of the corporation or entity it houses, every ceiling created by Ceilings Plus is a customized work of art. Of course, if a client is looking for a more traditional ceiling design, Ceilings Plus also manufactures stylish, high-end ceiling products that will suit even the most conventional structures.

Attractive Finishes

Ceilings Plus products are available in a range of different finishes. Wood veneers on an aluminum substrate replicate the appearance of solid wood but can be formed and shaped into curves for a dramatic look. Metal ceiling panels are also a popular choice. Ceilings Plus uses flexible aluminum to replicate the look of materials ranging from polished stainless steel, copper, zinc and even painted and stained metals. Ceilings Plus ceilings include ways to hide ventilation from view and incorporate direct and recessed lighting features designed to provide the right lighting in every situation. Unique lighting panels have been created to be installed flush with a highly curved ceiling, or drop down lights may be added to any ceiling after installation. All Ceilings Plus panels are factory-finished prior to delivery to the construction site and are installed using environmentally-friendly methods that do not release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other hazardous fumes.

Additional Products

The “Plus” in the Ceilings Plus name refers to the many other product lines offered by the company. Ceilings Plus also manufactures wall panels, column covers, decorative lighting covers and other interior features. All of these products are designed to coordinate with other Ceilings Plus products or may be installed in a previously existing structure.

Wade Architectural Systems—Your Local Ceilings Plus Supplier

With over 25 years in the architectural metal business, Wade Architectural Systems is a Houston-based representative of Ceilings Plus products. Wade Architectural Systems serves both commercial and residential clients in Texas and Oklahoma from offices located in Houston and Dallas and seeks to build relationships with local installers throughout the two-state service area.

To learn more about incorporating stylish, high-end Ceilings Plus products in your next construction or renovation project, contact Wade Architectural Systems today for pricing and availability information.