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Posted November 19th, 2014 by Christy Serafini

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Architectural metal panels have durability, longevity, cost effectiveness, and eco-friendliness to their credit. They provide an unmatched strength when you’re looking to build your commercial structure, with panels that can take the harshest of conditions. These metal panel systems are emerging as a more popular material in construction of anything from schools and libraries to offices and municipal buildings. Let’s take a look at some benefits of metal architectural panels.

They are Versatile

Metal panel systems can be bent them in various shapes depending on your needs. You can use them for wall cladding, roofing and even parking garages. When you choose metals like zinc, you get added peace of mind that they can resist rust, backed by an aesthetic appeal that you just can’t get from other metals and materials. Retaining their good looks from the day they’re installed to many years later, metal panels are a top choice for many builders.

They Last a Long Time

It’s crucial to install quality building materials for your construction project so that they will last a long time. Architectural metal panels are great for offering a strong construction and versatility that keeps the weather at bay, insulates the areas and provides optimal conditions for ventilation. This unique combination of features is important, especially with zinc, which can give you up to a 100-year life span. You will enjoy a long life out of your metal panels thanks to their inherent rust and corrosion resistance properties.

They are Easy on the Environment

When you’re looking for energy efficiency in your building material, you will want to take a good long look at architectural metal panels. They are perfect for commercial buildings who need to get the most out of moisture and heat resistance, as well as minimization of insulation gaps. These two factors can help you save energy over the long haul. Presenting a reduction in your overall building costs, metal panels can keep moisture from encroaching and make sure the occupants’ thermal comfort is of top priority at all times.

They Require Very Little Up-Keep

Don’t worry about having to perform a lot of maintenance on your metal panels — especially those made from zinc-based alloys — because they don’t need much. This is due to the fact that you don’t need to paint them if you don’t want to, and even the unpainted portions look great on their own because they won’t rust. The painted portions of your exterior metal paneling may need to be pressure washed every once in awhile.

They Feature a Lower Relative Cost

Metal comprises 20 percent of commercial roofing and 23 percent of walls in the United States. These types of panels are not only easy to install, they’re affordable to install and maintain. You’ll find that, in terms of price, they are comparable with other materials when you consider the total lifecycle costs. Making this choice could save you money over the long term, both in installation and maintenance.

For your metal paneling needs, choose Wade Architectural Systems, which offers long-lasting materials ranging from zinc and aluminum to stainless and galvanized steel, representing the future of commercial architecture.