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Posted September 7th, 2014 by Christy Serafini

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In modern commercial buildings, there are few additions architecture has made that outshine the trash chute, especially in high-rise structures. Such conveniences are often unnoticed or taken for granted, but many industrial and commercial sites would be a much less pleasant place without them. America generates up to, and often more than four pounds of trash per day, and trash chutes can provide a quick, convenient, and clean way to move the garbage out of the building in an orderly manner. There is some measure of maintenance involved, but with proper use protocols firmly in place, these structures vastly improve working life for employers, staff, and clients alike.

What are Trash Chutes?

Most people think of a long, boxy tube of metal when they think of trash chutes, and in many cases, they’d be correct. Garbage is inserted into the mouth of the chute, installed vertically, flush against the outermost of the interior of the building, near the supports. The openings are akin to mail slots, a little panel that is pulled down to allow admittance. When trash is inserted into the chute, it slides down the tube to the lowermost level and into the collection bin. Not every building comes already equipped with a trash chute, but in many cases, installation takes little more than a straightforward upgrade or retrofit.

Cleaner Environments

Unfortunately, staff and clients can sometimes become lax about proper waste disposal. Setting trash in the most convenient place possible, even if that isn’t a garbage can or waste basket, can cause trash to accumulate at an uncomfortable rate. Providing the building with trash chutes means that office space and commercial buildings will become less cluttered. People will be able to toss their coffee away when finished by simply pulling down the panel and dropping their disposable coffee mug inside as they make their way to the elevator or their work station. Entire waste baskets can be emptied into the chutes, as well. Simply tie the bag off and slide it into the metal tube. This can not only improve the air in a space, but also helps to lower janitorial costs, cutting down time and effort to clean a building.

Short and Long Term Maintenance

For many buildings with a trash chute, major maintenance is ideally needed twice a year. On a smaller scale, though, the chutes should be cleaned regularly. Because it is used on a daily basis, seeing a great deal of traffic, debris and build up can take place. In some cases, trash chutes are equipped with sanitizing systems that do provide regular cleaning to help eliminate displeasing odors and residues. Often, after a thorough cleaning, professional maintenance companies will use a de-greasing solution on the metal, as well, to help preserve the material.

Installing a trash chute and implementing usage regulations is an excellent way to keep commercial buildings smelling fresh and looking pristine. Staff and clients will be willing and able to make use of these structures, and with the well kept space, more business can often be generated. Worth every penny, trash chutes help to keep buildings sanitary and clean, and often, the building owner gets the investment returned over time.